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When The Flame Of Your Passion Starts To Flicker


No matter who you are and no matter what level you’re at, you will — at some point — inevitably feel stuck when it comes to your passion. You could be five years in or twenty years deep, but rest assured: this will happen to you!

However, expected or not, it still feels like shit. Questioning what you love and wondering whether you should bother is an epic bummer. It really can be a dark night of the soul moment. And while you might feel like you’re being endlessly thrown around on the cruel seas of your subconscious, no feeling lasts forever. You can get out of this position, but it will require some work.

Here’s what you should do.

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” — Banksy

We’re taught to push push push, no matter what. The fear is real: ‘If I stop now, will I be forgotten in a week?!’ We think that doing nothing would be worse than burning out, and that only goes to show how desperate our addiction to “doing” is. (If you’re not constantly doing, then there’s time for… Gasp… THOUGHTS! Emotions! Dealing with your actual life! How terrible!)

On her Magic Lessons podcast, Elizabeth Gilbert was speaking to an author who was having trouble writing her second book. She felt stuck and uninspired. Liz’s prescription? Don’t work on your book for a month. Do anything and everything else instead. Fill up your life with living. The author she gave this advice to said she initially thought, ‘Oh, good! I have permission to take a month off!’ But her next thought was, ‘I don’t know if I can stay away from it for 30 days… I have so much to say!’

This is exactly how a break should make you feel. If you end up charging back into your passion at the end of week two, that’s perfect. But if you need the full month, TAKE IT!

There are a few reasons why.

1. Most people outside your industry or interest will empathise with your plight but they won’t fully understand, simply because they haven’t really been there. It’s essential to talk to people who actually get it.

2. Commiserating can be a deeply healing experience. Sometimes, let’s face it, you just need to vent.

3. But the best reason to talk to your friends who are also artists, or teachers, or macrame enthusiasts, is that they will be able to brainstorm with you, and most crucially, they have the ability to connect you to people who can help.

As much as we all love to think that we can go it alone, that only works up to a certain point. Eventually, we have to reach out and expand. Our lives are only as rich as the relationships we have with other people. Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends or peers about what you’re facing, because, believe me, you are not alone.

I have yet to hear about a role model who was blessed with a flawless childhood, sailed from one grown-up success to another, and then died peacefully in her bed. Do you know why? Because that is not the stuff of heroes! Heroes struggle. They have their imperfections and inadequacies. The reason we love and revere our idols is because of their humanity.

If you’re feeling stuck or frustrated, one of the best things you can do is to get down in the trenches with your heroes. Watch a documentary about their life, and realise that a blemish-free history is not what makes life interesting. Everyone experiences trying times. The trying times are not what define you. The only thing that counts is how you bounce back.

If you don’t feel reinvigorated — and full of ideas — after watching a documentary about your #1 inspiration, I will eat my hat.

This sounds so obvious, but it works! If you have writer’s block, google it. If you’ve lost your inspiration, google it. If you can’t find a good coach, google it!

As much as our problems cause us pain, grief, and anxiety, they are not unique or special. Thousands (if not millions) of people have had the exact same problem you’re going through right now, and the great thing about the internet is that everyone is sharing their stories and experiences.

You don’t need to constantly reinvent the wheel. As Tony Robbins is so fond of saying, “Success leaves clues.” Use other people’s ideas to get you out of your slump!

Feeling stuck or unsure is not a sign of your lack of commitment, or weakness, or ineptitude. It is simply part of the evolution process.

Want to go really big? Doubt and distress are mandatory. In order to get to the next level of what you’re doing, you have to experience some pain and some discomfort. Those are the essential ingredients of transformation.

Don’t be afraid to look your pain in the eye and acknowledge its existence. The longer you dance around it, the bigger it will become. Invite your demons to brunch and have a nice, honest chat. Once you get a fix on the exact size and shape of your pain, you’ll have more information on how to maneuvre around it.

Then maybe it’s time to call the whole thing off. If your passion has become more pain than pleasure, and if just thinking about it makes you want to go back to bed, it might be time to do something else.

It sucks to quit something that you’ve poured your essence into, but if it ceased to be fun a long time ago, then you have to listen to yourself and act accordingly.

Pushing through mindlessly is the not the road to success. It is the road to an ulcer.

The upside? Think of all the free time you’ll have to pursue something that truly gets you going. There’s nothing better than feeling excited about what you do, and you deserve to feel that way every single day.


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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemon Meringue Pie


Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you have to throw on your apron and make lemon meringue pie. That’s how it was on the last day that my (now ex-) husband and I lived together.

We both woke up early that morning, and while I showered, his friend arrived, and the two of them started moving all of his things downstairs into a truck. I stood in the bathroom trying to perfect my eyeliner as all his worldly possessions paraded down the hallway and out the door. I shimmied into a blue dress covered in sequins and smothered Dolly, our dog, in smooches. I hugged my husband goodbye, asked him to text me once they were on the road, and walked out the door.

There was no time to wallow. It was Spirit Junkie Masterclass, one of my best friend’s events, and I was there to speak in front of 250 women. SJMC is the most immersive, deeply transformative event ever. I had attended the year before — on my birthday — and spent the weekend in a transcendent state. This time was different. For much of the day, I sat in the audience, tears in my eyes, making small-talk with the other attendees, even coaching a girl who was going through a difficult break-up. No one else there knew I was getting a divorce, let alone that my marriage was over, with the exception of Gabby.

When it was time for me to speak, Gabby gave me a beautiful introduction that felt like a spiritual bath. As we sat together in the spotlights, she interviewed me about how I run my business. I talked about blogging, self-publishing and book deals, creating digital courses, and using your social media presence to create an experience for others. We took questions from the audience too, and I felt so good: Gabby was holding me up, and it was pure pleasure to be able to help others, especially at a time when I was feeling so lost.

At the end of the day, Gabby, her husband Zack, and I shared an Uber back to our neighbourhood. I climbed the stairs to our my apartment, opened the front door, and leaned back against it as it closed. There was no clicking of little dog feet, no TV playing in another room. The whole place felt completely empty, like a vacuum had just sucked up something huge.

I grabbed my laptop and sat on my bed, ready to lose myself in some kind of internet haze, when my phone rang. It was Gabby.

“Hey,” she said. “Are you hungry? Come over and eat pizza with us.”

I spent the rest of the night with her and Zack, eating, watching movies, and shooting the shit.

Gabby had been onstage all day, caring for and supporting 250 women. She was running an event, managing a team of people, keeping everyone happy, and generally being everywhere at once (in the way that only she can). By all accounts, she’d earned a night off. And yet, she thought of me. She took me home and then fed me. She didn’t leave me alone in my empty house. She pushed her own need — to relax, to be quiet, to sleep! — aside, and instead, she took care of me. Every time I think back on that night, I get emotional. It was one of the most selfless and generous acts I’ve ever experienced.

I have never met anyone who walks their talk as fully as Gabby. The internet is a strange place, where people can present themselves as experts on all kinds of things, and invent whatever persona suits their business model best. When I first discovered Gabby online, I had my doubts that someone like her could actually exist. But she does. She is the real deal.


For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been emailing about the fear of speaking up and standing out, the importance of raising your prices, and the fear of being an overly self-promoting jerk.

These are all issues that I hear about from almost-preneurs all the time. I have met so many women with brilliant ideas, who want to make a difference and run their own businesses, but they’re held back. Afraid of telling their stories, terrified to charge their worth, and scared to even talk about what they do, they are simply treading water. If you’re unable to do those three things, you don’t have a business. You have a hobby. And probably not for long.

Gabby is one of my mentors and it’s not just because she runs her business with heart and zest. She knows that when you charge your worth, you thrive — and your success helps others succeed too. She knows that when you take that deep breath and tell your story, you empower multitudes to do the same. And she knows that when you’re passionate about what you do, it’s not “self-promotion”: you’re simply sharing, and the right people will be irresistibly drawn to you.

Spirit Junkie Masterclass is where she teaches all these concepts, and so many more. If you want to run a spiritual business — but you don’t want to eat beans from a can every night! — these concepts are essential. When you shed the old stories and you begin to recognise the enormous power you wield, sharing your message — and stepping into the world fully — becomes a necessity, a responsibility.

On the day that my husband moved out of our home, I heeded the call to be bigger, braver, and bolder than ever before. I answered when I was asked to lead, to help, to inspire. And it made me stronger. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible to do something like this on such a difficult day — but it was. That’s the kind of confidence that Spirit Junkie Masterclass gives you, and with a gift like that, we all benefit.

I’ve attended two Masterclasses, and they just keep getting better. I have never seen Gabby as on, as in her power as when she is on stage, creating teachers. Everyone sitting in the audience is lit up, supported, and given the tools they need to go out there and truly make a difference. After all, isn’t that what you really want?

Up until now, Spirit Junkie Masterclass has only been an in-person event… But this week, Gabby opens the floodgates to Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital, so you can learn everything from the comfort of your home. I’m delighted to help her spread the word. The modules include my section on how to use the internet to build your business, and I know it will help you out SO MUCH!

I can’t tell you how much I believe in Gabby and the work she does. Spirit Junkie Masterclass is always the first thing I recommend to women who want to light a fire that sets the world ablaze. And I want to make it even more enjoyable for you, so when you sign up, I’m going to shower you with gifts!

In addition to Gabby’s incredible training, you’ll receive:
Access to Radical Self Love Bootcamp, my six-week intensive course which will teach you how to love yourself once and for all (Value: $197)
Radical Self Love Bible School, my art journalling class which will encourage you to see your own awesomeness, in addition to using up all that rad stationery you have lying around! (Value: $97)
A personalised, signed copy of my book, Radical Self-Love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dreams!
A very colourful livestream with me, where you can ask me absolutely anything about business, blogging, or being your authentic self online!

Plus, Gabby is offering an extra special bonus when you sign up for the training before June 26, 2016: her Spirit Junkie Business Basics digital program! In addition to two live training calls, you’ll get everything you need to set up the back end of your business: contracts, negotiating tools, insurance information and much more. These bonuses are valued at $3500. Sweet!

Click here to get all these bonuses today!

It’s already the middle of June. If you’re still to-ing and fro-ing about whether it’s time to start that business you’ve been dreaming about, or if you find yourself in “a financial cul-de-sac” (thanks, Carrie Bradshaw), it’s time to get serious. Gabby and I would love to help you do it.

If you have questions, be sure to reach out on Twitter or Facebook!

Love forEVER,

Illustration by Laura Callaghan. I am an affiliate for Spirit Junkie Masterclass, and may earn a referral fee if you sign up from my recommendation. xo

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Tough Little Bitches: A Rallying Cry For My Boss Babes


When I reposted this image by Sara M. Lyons on Instagram last night, everyone went nuts: liking the photo, tagging their friends, squealing about how they need this too. The patch Sara is holding is made by Vichcraft, and it says SELF EMPLOYED — TOUGH LITTLE BITCHES.

I think the reason why it resonated so deeply is because it references the modern dream — to be a #girlboss, to run your own business, to set your hours and live life on your terms — but also addresses the strictly no bullshit attitude that is necessary to experience any degree of success.

Being self-employed can be rough. It’s all on you. You don’t always know where next month’s rent is coming from. The ups and downs can make you feel like the pressure of it all is going to crush you to death.

For many of us, there is no guaranteed monthly salary, no health insurance, no 401K, no benefits. We’re the girls whose partners roll their eyes when they see us crack open the laptop (again). We’re the boys who always have one more email to send. We’re the ones who find it nigh impossible to “turn off.” We’re the grrrls who write endless to-do lists, have overflowing planners, and Google Calendar alerts pinging all day long.

Sometimes it just seems like too much. We look at our friends who have “regular” jobs and feel a little bit wistful. If only we could just clock in and clock out, knowing there’s a cheque waiting at the end of the month. But then we start thinking about those fluorescent lights, the pointless meetings, the feeling of being under someone’s thumb… And we remember why we’re doing this.

We’re the ones whose eyes light up when we talk about what we do. We’re the ladies who know that our work makes a difference. We’re the babes who feel like we might die if we didn’t get to do this. We may go to bed exhausted every night, but we drift off to sleep feeling deeply fulfilled.

Self-employed tough little bitches UNITE! I know it can be hard. Oh man, do I know. If you’re running your own business, I SALUTE YOU. This shit takes clit.

If you’re having a tough time right now, just know this: I believe in you. You’re brave and resilient beyond measure and you can do this! Keep going! Keep pushing. Keep striving. No one else can do this the way you do. No one else has your vision, no one else has your guts or grit. If you throw in the towel, you are depriving the world of something truly amazing. Stay the course. You never know what could happen tomorrow, next week, next year… Every seed you plant will produce something eventually, you just have to have faith.

If all else fails? Remember that life is a game and everything is an illusion. The most important thing is to feel good as often as you can. Your feelings are a preview of your coming attractions. Make feeling good your priority and you can’t go wrong.

I love you forever,

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The Miracle Worker Podcast Is Here… And We Have A Labor Day Sale!


Our incredible careers course, Miracle Worker, kicks off next Monday, September 7th. It’s a jam-packed eight weeks, designed to get you taking action on living your dreams.

Our last intake was incredible: 300 women (and a few brave men!) who were willing to take the leap. They took risks, and of course, they were rewarded. They quit soul-sucking jobs, started new businesses, were invited to host radio shows, struck up conversations with their idols and went out there and asked for what they wanted! Their results were no joke. When we asked them if they’d recommend the course to a friend, 100% of them said yes. We’re super-proud of that fact.

I define meaningful work as going to sleep knowing that you did something that made someone else’s life a little bit better, and I believe that doing meaningful work is essential to our happiness. There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling stuck in a job that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and I want to help you see your situation differently.

You are never as stuck as you think.

You always have options, choices, multiple escape routes.

Helping women find meaningful work is so important to me that for this last week, Ellen and I are offering a special labor day sale. When you use the code laborday, you’ll save $150 off the course, bringing it down to $247!

This deal is live from now until Sunday 6th September at 9pm EST. Just be sure to enter the code at check-out! Click here to join us!


A couple of weeks ago, Ellen flew into NYC from the Bay Area, and we sat down in a recording studio to create our official Miracle Worker podcast! We had such a good time putting them together, and we think they will be really uplifting and inspiring for you to listen to.

The first one is embedded below… And the others will be coming to an iTunes near you soon! We hope you enjoy it. (If you’re reading this via email, click through to listen to the file.)

I’m so excited to start the course on Monday… And I’d love for you to join us!

Love always,

Photo by Made U Look Photography.

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How To Figure Out What You Want To Do With Your Life… Once And For All!


One of the questions I’m asked most often is, “How do I figure out what I want to do with my life?” It’s a big question, no doubt, and there is no magic bullet answer. But to avoid getting mired in analysis paralysis, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to get so much closer to figuring it out.

On Saturday, my friend Ellen — who is my Miracle Worker co-founder — and I hopped on Skype to talk for 10 minutes about what you can do if you don’t know where to start. If you’re reading this through your email, click through to the article for the embedded audio file!

Of course, now the key is to take our suggestions, write them down, and do some brainstorming!

If you’d like to join us for our second intake of Miracle Worker, click through for all the details! (P.S. Enter the code hellyes for $100 off!)

Much love,

Photo by Made U Look.

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