Announcing… THE VORTEX

It’s truly amazing how much the internet has evolved in the time that I’ve been on it. My parents bought me a computer with an internet connection (33.6 dial-up modem, hey IHUG, ayyyyy!) for Christmas in 1996, and I’ve been addicted ever since. I taught myself how to code HTML in 1997, started making websites on Tripod and GeoCities to share my goth poetry, and it just grew from there. I was part of the internet generation that had guestbooks on their sites (otherwise known as “comments”), who met new friends on IRC, and ran CuteFTP to upload images. I’m telling you: times were different!

About four years later, LiveJournal arrived on the scene, making it so much easier to have an online journal. Teenagers all over the world shared their darkest secrets, weirdest outfit photos, and music obsessions: it was wild, and awesome, and so much fun. That’s how I met Shauna. Seriously, we met online in 2001!

In 2006, people started making the jump from LiveJournal to their own sites. I created with a new vision: not a journal, but a “blog” with articles that would help people. I had recently overcome depression and an eating disorder, and I was filled with hot optimism and so much excitement. All I wanted to do was tell people what I had learned, in the hopes that they could feel happiness too. took off like wildfire. Within six months, I had a column in Cosmopolitan magazine, and was being invited to lunches with Louis Vuitton so they could ask us about how best to work with bloggers. It was insane. I moved to New York City in 2008, and my site expanded again. I started creating online courses and filming videos. I’ve now written a bestselling book (and recently finished my second!), I travel the world speaking to and teaching badass babes, and my life is fun as FUCK. There’s no way I could have predicted — back in 1996 — that I would still be spending so much time online, or — even more crazily — that I would have turned my life experiences into my career. #blessed doesn’t even begin to describe it. What a delight. For real.

That brings us to 2019. In the 23 years since I started making websites (!!!), a lot has changed! People don’t really read blogs anymore. (The death of Google Reader was really the final nail in the coffin.) Truly, if you are reading this, you are one of the rare ones! Everyone has an Instagram or Facebook account, and that’s where people spend most of their time. People watch videos on YouTube more than they read.

We want to feel good, and we want content that shows us how to do it delivered seamlessly. I am more passionate than ever about helping women LEVEL THE FUCK UP, and I have been helping them in the ways I know how. But it has been a challenge, because everything is scattered: a YouTube series over here, an Instagram post over there, an email that may or may not show up depending on your provider’s filtration settings, etc. Who wants to constantly jump around, miss out on things, and have a higgeldy-piggedly approach? Not me. And not you either.

My goal this year was to bring ALL of those things together in one place. A place that was easy to use, beautiful to look at, and a JOY to be in. The timing was perfect: the technology now is so goddamn good, my team kicks ass, and everything fell into place with so much ease and grace.

Introducing… The Vortex.


The Vortex is a secret society for high vibe honeys.

It’s an all-inclusive, all-you-can-eat buffet of FEELING GOOD.


A couple of years ago, I was in a relationship that was causing me more anxiety than I could take. I decided that feeling good was my job, and committed to it. It felt amazing, but it was also REALLY DIFFICULT. Changing your baseline frequency is challenging! I had so many moments of feeling internal panic, fear, or terror, and in those moments, what I wished for was a HIGH VIBE TV CHANNEL. I just wanted to flick it on and know that whatever was playing would be something that made me feel amazing, something that soothed my nervous system, something that made me laugh and reminded me of my power, my strength, my absolutely infinite potential. YouTube was okay, but I always had to go looking for what I wanted. I wanted something beautiful hand-delivered to me without any thought.

And that’s what The Vortex is.

We have been filming for three months to create this material for you. There are advice shows with my favorite people (who will both make you laugh and make you think), astrology updates, lots of TAPPING sessions, nighttime rituals, custom hypnosis sessions with Grace Smith, magical and very exclusive meditations from Jessica Snow, and so much more.

There’s a beautiful quarterly magazine that will blow your head off. It’s like the Radical Self Love Almanac, but so much better. I mean… Have a look!

There’s a killer community that is a) gorgeous, and b) designed specifically to keep you high vibe and make you feel good. If you’ve been doing High Vibe Honey with me for the last year and been blown away by the community we’ve created over on YouTube… This will amaze you.

There are text messages from The Vortex. You get access to every single course I have available. There’s a badass business babe mastermind. Invitations to private, members-only events. Ugh. And so much more!

Oh, and did I mention a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if you don’t absolutely love it?!

It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever made. I am absolutely confident that it will blow you away, become your favorite place on the internet, and help you feel good every single day.

I would love for you to join us there. Click here for all the information.

And if you’ve made it this far… Hey. Thanks for being here! Thanks for reading for so many years. The internet has evolved a lot and you’re still here! That means a lot to me, and I hope one day we get to hug in person (if we haven’t already! Ya girl has given a lot of hugs!).

I love you,