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It’s My Birthday… And All My Classes Are $33!


Happy birthday to me! Today I am 33 years old. I’m not totally sure how that happened but one thing’s for sure: it’s good to be alive. Last night, G and I went to see Louis C.K. at Madison Square Garden, and he was incredible. I’ve never seen better stand-up, and that includes all his past specials. (Bonus: Louis turned 49 yesterday, so it was an extra-special treat to see him on his birthday.)

This morning I woke up to six dozen roses — I don’t even have enough vases to hold them! — and I’m going to spend the rest of my day hanging out with friends. Life isn’t perfect, but I feel happy, and confident, and capable of mastering what this next year is going to throw my way.

Anyway, to celebrate my BIRTHDAY, I’m running a 24 hour sale on all my online classes! Everything is $33! WHAT?!


$97 $33

Radical Self Love Bible School is a super-fun of uncovering your true self. Grab a blank sketchbook and some art supplies and get ready to change the way you see yourself! Over the course of 12 lessons, you’ll learn to dismantle the tyranny of perfection (and embrace your messy genius), unlock the creative side of yourself that has been hidden or squashed, discover how to carve out time for yourself, and fall in love with how incredibly awesome you are. You can learn more about Bible School here.

$47 $33

DARE/DREAM/DO is your no excuses guide to kicking ass and taking names. If you have big dreams but you’re not sure how to bring them to fruition, this is the class for you. Every day for 30 days you’ll receive very direct instructions on how to manage your fear, expand your vision, and take concrete action that really works. (Seriously, it does. Read the testimonials!)

$197 $33

Radical Self Love Bootcamp is my biggest class. If you’re truly ready to take responsibility for your life and become the supernova you know you can be, this is the one for you! Featuring six interviews, essays, transcripts and worksheets, you’ll tackle those thoughts that suffocate your self-esteem, learn how to TRULY love your body, discover how to stop feeling stuck, tango past your fears, find out how gratitude can change your life, and look closely at what it means to manifest miracles. You can read more about Bootcamp here.


$145 $33

Tapping is an incredible healing tool that you can do on your own, with no equipment, at any time you like. I used it to completely get rid of the asthma I’d had since I was a child, as well as depression and an eating disorder. I have never discovered a more incredible or effective way of changing things. You can read more about Tap That here.

Don’t forget, this sale is only in effect for 24 hours… So don’t dilly-dally!

I love you!

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These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: September 2016


Happy Monday! Welcome to a (long overdue) Favourite Things post. Usually these posts are a little bit more materialistic, and if that’s what you’re looking for, check out the older ones! But, as I have been alluding to, this is a really big time of transformation for me. I’ve been thinking a lot about the mind, reality, radical self love, creativity, and how many of us are trying to escape our pain. It has led me to some pretty interesting places in conversation with others, in my thought process, and on the internet.

Here are a few of the most thought-provoking things I’ve stumbled upon in the past week. I hope you enjoy them!

I’m such a massive fan of RuPaul, so I have no idea why I had never watched an episode of Drag U before. How did I miss this?! Drag U is a show where — essentially using the power of radical self love — three drag queens transform the lives of three women who have low self-esteem. It is AMAZING! I am obsessed. It’s useful, it’s uplifting, and it almost always brings tears to my eyes. The show streams on Amazon, so queue up a few episodes and get ready to have your perspective on life changed.

RuPaul’s podcast with Michelle Visage is one of my new favourite things ever. I really love the podcasts where it’s just the two of them and they’re just having an average conversation, because they vacillate between fun pop culture chat and really deep existential shit. That having been said, my favourite episodes so far are when they interview Bianca Del Rio (so funny, and especially good if you’re a fan of Drag Race) and Henry Rollins (indispensable listening for anyone creative).

Elizabeth Gilbert is a wonderful person. Did you hear the recent news about how she fell in love with her best friend? It made me adore her even more. She is such a stellar example of someone who is not just living her truth, but also experiencing the width of life. Her podcast, Magic Lessons, is a series of interviews with creative people, and it’s essential listening for writers. Two of my favourite episodes are with Neil Gaiman and Brene Brown. Get into it.

My incredible friend Louise Androlia, who is also going through a time of massive change, put me on to Glennon Doyle Melton. Her new book, Love Warrior, just came out, and so she was featured on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday. In this interview, they discuss being “perfect”, eating disorders and numbing out, infidelity, and how we can use pain as a tool for growth and transformation. It is excellent.

I found this interview by Googling “RuPaul podcast meditation” — just wondering if he had gone into the subject in some depth — and ding ding ding! This episode surfaced. I love hearing RuPaul talk about his meditation practice, observing his thoughts, the dark night of the soul, how life is not to be taken seriously, and the mystery of identity. It’s awesome.


Love and the longest hug ever,

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It’s Time To Throw Away Your Vision Board


Babe, if you were with me on Facebook last night, you know that I am going through it. I am having a spiritual awakening, and it’s not some fluffy, namby-pamby nonsense. I feel like I am finally seeing without illusion for the first time in years.

A few days ago I woke up with an entirely new perspective on the world and how it works. How some “new age” concepts can be damaging. How we make excuses for ourselves constantly. How we are all desperately trying to escape our pain, and the ways we attempt to do that, and the way we dress it up as an “enlightened” process. How we place our power outside of ourselves, and how the only way to make real progress and change in our lives is to TAKE RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY and quite frankly, stop bullshitting ourselves.

That’s what I jumped onto Facebook Live to talk about last night. And girl… It got heated. I was ON. And I loved every minute of it. (Fair warning: I also swore a lot, so, be aware!)

Like I said… A lot of things have shifted for me in the year since my book got published, and I want to share them with you, because I believe that when we get really clear on what works and what doesn’t, nothing can hold us back. We can change our lives, transform our behaviour, and create the world we want because we know that the power is within us. And we don’t need anyone or anything else to “give” it to us. It’s inside us and it’s inherent and it’s dying to be unleashed.

I’d love it if you joined me for the Radical Self-Love Online Class. We get started on September 14th (the day after my birthday!), and it is going to blow your head off.

Yes baby.

Love to you,

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It’s Not About “Feeling Good” All The Time


My vision of radical self love evolves and changes every single day. I used to think the most important thing was simply making sure you felt good, and while I still think that’s a valuable yardstick, sometimes we cling to “what feels good” as a way to avoid growth. Being uncomfortable is a crucial part of transformation.

The truth is that radical self love is a rocky road (with lots of marshmallows) and a constant work in progress. I still have to fight back against my natural instincts to play small every single day. But the flipside is that the more I worship myself and act like my own best friend, the more my life expands.

I have learned so much about life — self-love, relationships, bringing our dreams to fruition, and navigating the messiness of being human — in the year since my book, Radical Self-Love, was first published, and I’m unbelievably eager to share what I’ve discovered with you. In the Radical Self-Love online class, we’ll be taking a deep and discerning look at what we can do TODAY to make big changes in our lives.

As the class progresses, I’ll be broadcasting live every week — although of course you can watch the replay at any time — and we’ll work our way through my book. The curriculum is packed solid and FULL of goodies, and you can read all about it here!

Want a taste of what the class will be like? Join me on Facebook today at 5pm EST! And if you want to join us, click below!

To progress and change and being the realest of the real!

Love always,

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Want To Change Your Life? Stop Thinking, Start Acting


The most frustrating thing about having an idea, toiling over the words, getting a book deal, seeing your cover in stores, and meeting your readers is the simple fact that words are not enough.

Imagine, if you will, your bookshelf. If you’re anything like me, it’s loaded with self-help books. From Spirit Junkie to The Success Principles, How To Make Friends And Influence People to The Fire Starter Sessions, you and I have got a book for almost every situation or problem. The covers sing out with hope, and the blurbs on the back make us think that if we simply take this book home, our lives will be transformed. We will cease to be the flawed human that stands in the self-help aisle, contemplating our problems.

But the real test of whether a book is a success has nothing to do with hitting the New York Times bestseller list, or whether you lend it to all your best friends, or whether it’s featured on the big table at Barnes & Noble. The true indicator of a book’s success is whether the reader implements what she has learned. Books only have value when we take the information inside and apply it to our lives; when we use the words as fuel and begin to make transformational change.

Don’t get me wrong: I am thrilled out of my skin when I see photos of my book in people’s lives. After years of sharing online, having a tangible offering that can be held with two hands is unbelievably exciting. But what really fills me with joy is when a woman writes to me and says that using the principles of radical self love has revolutionised her life.

In August, I received this short — but very sweet — email from a woman named Kathy.

“Hi Gala, I’m a retired nurse at 63. I’ve spent my life looking after others. My daughter gave me your beautifully written book of wise words. Thank you so much. I’m enjoying the process of self discovery and learning to love myself.”

Kathy is taking my words and using them! It’s great to be inspired and read something that lifts your spirits temporarily, but if that’s all you’re getting out of a book, it’s about as real as a hit of sugar. On the other hand, taking an idea and putting it into action is truly nourishing, and even better, it actually gives us the results we have been hoping for!

My challenge to you today is not to simply scan for information, or highlight inspiring passages, or make notes on the things you discover. I want you to APPLY THE INFORMATION. Take an idea — it doesn’t matter whether it’s from my book or from something you read online — and move it into real life. Turn it from a thought into an action.

I have spent most of my life mulling over concepts, thinking, ‘What a good idea!’ But the only time those ideas ever make any difference in my life is when I test them in the field. Information means nothing at all unless you apply it.

If we want to become the highest expression of ourselves, we have to change our ACTIONS, not just our thoughts.

And in case you ever had any doubt? You got this.

Ever onward,

P.S. If you’re eager to move your radical self love practice from abstract concepts to real change triggered by action, join me for Radical Self-Love: The Online Course. Starting on September 14th, I’ll be teaching brand new ways that you can really and truly change your life by changing your behaviour. You can get a little taste of what it will be like by joining me as I broadcast live on Facebook tomorrow at 5pm EST! xo

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