2018 Radical Self-Love Almanac… Now In Print!

Every year, for the past two years, I’ve created a Radical Self-Love Almanac: a huge digital book full of advice, articles, pretty pictures, and everything you need to get you amped for the twelve months ahead. It’s such a fun project that I’ve done it again this year… And THIS time… It’s a physical book!

Ahhhhhhhhhh! The joy is so real!

Let me give you a taste.

Unicorn gradients… Bad babe illustrations by Gabriella Rosie… Luscious tropical photographs by Emily Faulstich… And 120 pages of ideas, inspiration, advice, and articles that will help you reconnect with who you really are.

The theme of the 2018 Almanac is feeling good. How can we feel good when things seem horrible, and does that even help? (Of course, the answer is YES!) The 2018 Radical Self-Love Almanac is designed to help you get back in touch with yourself — your true self, your joyful self, your most radiant and glorious self.

There are tips on how to get your goals into alignment with your soul, advice on celebrating Valentine’s Day without losing your mind, perfect party ideas for any babe, and how to be happy without conditions. You’ll learn how I manifested my man, uncover a recipe for an adventurous life, and find out how to stop overthinking (and really live). We talk about feeling insecure in relationships, how to spice up your love life, comparing ourselves to others, how to get inspired to be creative, and so much more!

It really is a delight for the senses. I am so proud of it.

I ordered mine yesterday and it should be here by Friday… Which means if you order today (in the USA), you will have it before Christmas! Talk about the technicolour dream gift for the babe who has everything… And still wants more!

I mean, if it was me, I’d be giving a copy to every badass babe I knew. (To be fair… This is what I’m giving my friends for Christmas! Hahaha!)

You can pick up your copy here and if you’d prefer to save a tree, the digital version is available for instant download right here.

Love always,