A Very British Look On A Very Rainy Day!

Rainy Day

When MNG asked me to dress in tribute to a British “It Girl” — like, say, Alexa Chung or Sienna Miller — I admit I was stumped! I suppose that’s mostly because I don’t look to anyone else when it comes to style or fashion. I can definitely appreciate other people’s style, but I’ve never been much of an emulator. (Well, I experienced a brief period of infatuation with Mary-Kate Olsen’s look, circa 2005, & was all about ripped stockings + cowboy boots + huge sunglasses + beads… but I got over it!)

When I really thought about it, though, I realised that the British style icon I most identified with was Kate Moss. Not because of her love of skinny jeans, her string of famous boyfriends or her wildly successful career. No, I think I identify with her because she is the ultimate chameleon.

I admire women who have a kind of “style uniform”, I really do! It’s just not for me. There are some elements which you can always expect from me: a bit of sparkle, an a-line skirt, or motorcycle boots. But mostly, I like to change it up. I like to try new things. I like to surprise myself. & while I know what shapes, colours & silhouettes suit me best, it’s nice to break with tradition… often!

You’re just as likely to find me in mouse ears as in fetish heels; I’m equally comfortable in a skull & crossbones romper & a stripey blazer. I wear a top hat & an oversized floppy hat with equal aplomb. My clothing racks look like a drag queen got stuck in the 1950s. There are hats & froofy headbands ALL over my room. What can I say? I like to mix it up!

Rainy Day

Another reason to revere Kate Moss? She taught me to love animal prints! For years, I could only ever associate them with Peg Bundy! I thought they were the most hideous thing in existence. However, I have seen the error of my ways. I recently learned to love the leopard… & it’s been a revelation!

I’m wearing…

Beanie from Urban Outfitters
Diamond necklace
MNG by MANGO leopard print cardigan
Full skirt by Manoush
Belt from jcpenney
Frye motorcycle boots
Wedding/engagement rings & cocktail rings by Dyrberg/Kern
Pushlock satchel by Coach

I was given this cardigan to wear for the MNG challenge video shoot, & have barely taken it off since. It goes with… well, everything! I now firmly believe that leopard print is a neutral!

Rainy Day

Rainy Day

Yesterday was deliciously dreary: rainy & cool. Lydia Hudgens & I met up in the morning & started shooting after finally resigning ourselves to the fact that it was just going to keep raining! (Have I mentioned how great it is that she’s in the city now? It’s SO great!) Really, the weather was kinda perfect. Summer here is always so stinking hot that everyone enjoys it when the temperatures start to drop. I can’t wait for the leaves to start turning yellow… It’s the second most beautiful time of year. Spring is the best, of course!

Before long, I’ll be wearing cashmere leggings every day (I swear by ’em!) & a coat will be essential… But until then, I’m enjoying being able to wear long sleeves!

Rainy Day

Rainy Day

Rainy Day

Hey, don’t forget you could win a trip to Barcelona with ME! That’s RIGHT! & I really, really want you to come with me… Imagine the fun we’ll have running around that beautiful city! Dios mΓ­o! So… hop to it, baby!

Full disclosure, y’all: This campaign is produced by Style Coalition & sponsored by jcpenney.


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