Our DNA Results And The Roots Premiere

Last week, Garnett and I filmed a video for you where we teamed up with History and talked about our family history, genealogy, and how much knowledge we had of where we’re from. In that video, we promised that we’d tell you our results from the 23andMe kits we used… And now we have them!

Click below to watch the video and discover the answers to questions like: how white is my boyfriend really? Am I the descendent of a far-flung culture? And have these revelations changed the way we see ourselves?



Don’t forget that Roots is on the History Channel tonight at 8/7C. We went to the premiere last week and it was absolutely incredible — it completely blew my mind and I think it’s essential viewing. Make sure you tune in for this momentous TV event!

Love always,

This post was created in partnership with the History Channel. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of History.