Who Are You And Where Did You Come From?

How much do you know about who you are and where you come from? And when I say that, I don’t mean the usual things we think of, like the city we were born and the home we lived in. I mean your genealogy, your history. Where did your family come from? What’s your ancestry? Who are you descended from?

I’ve always been curious about this, since I have absolutely no idea where my family came from. When I talked to my boyfriend about it, he was on the same page. As an African-American whose lineage was completely wiped out by slavery, he has absolutely no clue about his own genetic makeup or background.

So last week, we spat into one 23andMe Kit each, and FedEx’d them off, before sitting down to discuss what we know about our family history, and how it affects us personally.



As you can tell, we’re both really excited to get our results back! When they arrive in the mail, I’m going to set up my camera again and we’ll reveal the results to you. Will my boyfriend turn out to be 70% Caucasian?! Will I be revealed to be the descendent of some strange and distant culture? WHO KNOWS! It’s a beautiful mystery and it will all be uncovered soon!

Love and baited breath,

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