Do You Want Love… Or Money?! A Black Friday Sale!

Greetings from Italy! I’m here with Kat and Shauna (the old Blogcademy gang is back together!) and we’ve been galivating all over the place. Yesterday we arrived in Siena after a few insane days in Venice, which is definitely one of my new favorite cities on the planet. It is WILD!

Now, don’t let the fact that I am in Italy make you think that Black Friday has escaped my attention! You would be amazed: all over Italy they were having Black Friday sales! I never knew! OF COURSE I am doing a Black Friday sale because they are just so much fun.

This year, we have created two bundles: the LOVE BUNDLE and the MONEY BUNDLE. Two delicious flavors… And of course, you can always go nuts and do both!

THE MONEY BUNDLE offers up both Radical Rituals: Abundance classes — Levels 1 and 2 — which will kick off an entire month of completely overhauling how you think and feel about money. Radical Rituals: Abundance is my most popular class of all time and for good reason — the results speak for themselves! (Check out the testimonials!)

When we feel panicked or anxious about our bank balance, the grief spills over into every other area of our life. When we forget our worth, we get frantic and act out of desperation. But the most important thing when it comes to wealth is our attitude. With Radical Rituals: Abundance Level 1 and 2, you’ll clean up your abundance energy and learn how to manifest cold, hard cash.

Usually these two classes combined would cost $176, but during Black Friday you get them both for the price of one! The package of Radical Rituals: Abundance Level 1 and 2 is $88 for this weekend only!



THE LOVE BUNDLE contains Love Rehab (my “get over your ex” class) and Metaphysical Matchmaker, which will help you attract in hot, fresh, healthy love.

When it comes to heartbreak, the hardest thing is truly letting our ex go. No matter whether it was a marriage or a summer fling, as long as you’re still hung up on your past love, it’s almost impossible for you to move on, feel good, trust yourself, or fall in love again. In Love Rehab, we untangle you from your last relationship so you can get out into the world and be your most badass self.

With Metaphysical Matchmaker, we set you up for a new approach to love. When you overhaul your attitude, everything changes, and when you understand your personal power, you become a magnet for what you want. Over the course of three weeks, I’ll show you how to approach dating from a brand new angle, and we’ll work together to create an online dating profile that showcases your most glorious self… And draws in exactly what you’re looking for.

Normally these two classes together would cost $123, but this weekend, it’s only $88 for both!



I’m so excited for you to dive into these classes and experience glorious transformation before the year is over! It’s never too late to completely change your life, and these classes will absolutely help you do it.

Love always,