Catch Me If You Can… In Leopard-Print Sweats!

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I spend most of my time wearing workout clothes. Sure: when I go out for dinner, or to see my friends, or on an adventure around the city, I dress up (and I love to do so). But my daily life is very chill. I’m at home writing for most of the day, before hitting the gym in the afternoons. Thus, I spend a lot of time in sweatpants or yoga gear. It suits my lifestyle. What more can I say?

So you can imagine my excitement when Betsey Johnson — ahem, my favourite designer — announced that she was releasing ACTIVEWEAR. Hello, dream come true! The babes on her team sent me some line-sheets, and told me to pick whatever I wanted.

When I saw these leopard sweats, I knew it was fate.


To be specific, this is the printed raw edge pullover teamed with printed skinny jogger pants, and worn at the same time, they are, quite certainly, A LOOK. And a Look is exactly what my husband shot me when I emerged from the bedroom wearing this ensemble. But he is a man. He doesn’t get it. In these sweats, I feel like like a badass. (And you would too.)


But, I guess a full leopard look isn’t for everyone… So can I tell you what else I’ve been rocking from Betsey’s activewear line? Asymmetrical skirted leggings = SO sick, plus this mesh cut-out tank which makes me feel like a sexy robot from the future. These colorblock leggings are amazing, and, of course, there is a pink motorcycle jacket which you probably need.

If you’re going to get sweaty, you might as well look cute while you do it.


Like I said, this is a lot of LOOK, so if you’re going to follow in my footsteps, I recommend adding a bright beanie to break things up just a little bit. This would also look devastating with bright lipstick (I love Violet by Bite) and big sunglasses. Sooooo too cool for school.

Do you, like me, live in activewear? Tell me what you wear to the gym! I need to know!

Thank you so much to Betsey for hooking me up with these SWEET SWEATS! Meow! Photos by the truly adorable Mikkel Paige.