Tapping to LOVE your body no matter what!

Feeling bad about your body? Wishing it looked different? I totally understand! In this EFT tapping sequence, you’ll fall back in love with how you look and feel capable of making positive changes.


Your Top 5 Relationship Questions: Answered!

04.29.2020 · video

In this episode, we talked about… How to cope if you’re feeling uncertain and anxious because you are apart from your partner, as well as how to deal with boredom and frustration because of too much togetherness… What to do if you have a mismatched vision of what you both want… How to stay in […]


A Love Ritual To Change Your Frequency!

04.28.2020 · video

By popular request, my LOVE RITUAL from Instagram Live! Grab your favorite essential oil, and settle in for a magical moment (or five!) with me. Be sure to pick up your copy of HOLOGRAM HEART before Friday May 1st for the ultimate earlybird package!


Tapping For Coronavirus Fears!

03.12.2020 · video

By popular request, a video about ALLEVIATING YOUR CORONAVIRUS FEARS! I promise, this will make you feel better. Let’s be real, let’s be rational, and let’s release any panic we’re feeling.


The Gala Darling Show: Episode 15 with Grace Smith

04.11.2019 · video

Are you an entrepreneur — or a wantrepreneur! — with the desire to massively grow your business? In this episode with my dear friend (and genius) Grace Smith, the topic on deck is FEMALE ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Grace is the founder and CEO of Grace Space Hypnosis, a 7-figure business she started from her closet! Every time […]


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The Gala Darling Show: Episode 14 with Aurora Lady

04.04.2019 · video

Episode 14 of The Gala Darling Show with Aurora Lady is pretty much a love letter to the internet. If you, like us, spend a lot of time reminiscing over how the internet used to be, considering how to have healthier online habits, and pondering where the internet will go in the future, THIS EPISODE […]


The Gala Darling Show: Episode 13 with Ev’Yan Whitney

04.02.2019 · video

Last week, it was my absolute pleasure to sit down with Ev’Yan Whitney, sexuality doula and founder of the #SensualSelfieChallenge, for a hot conversation about sex, desire, polarity, love languages, and much more! We had such a good time and the words were juicy. This episode is for YOU if you’ve ever struggled with your […]


The Gala Darling Show: Episode 12 with Natalia Benson

03.26.2019 · video

Natalia Benson is one of my all-time favorite people that I’ve met since moving to Los Angeles. She’s a modern mystic and an empowerment coach, and she walks her talk! She is totally powerful, energetic, optimistic, open-minded and passionate. You can only imagine the GOOD GODDAMN TIME we have when we hang out! Well, I […]


The Gala Darling Show: Episode 11 with Jessica Snow

03.09.2019 · video

Jessica Snow is a truly magical creature. I discovered her through our mutual friend, Mystic Medusa, and was instantly drawn in to her world. Jessica is a meditation guide and author, and she is the person I recommend to everyone who wants to start a meditation practice. Her meditations are alchemical and transformative like nothing […]


The Gala Darling Show: Episode 10 with Lux ATL

03.07.2019 · video

Last night, I had the privilege of sitting down with Lux ATL. It was our first time meeting, and she is delightful! I’ve followed her online for a couple of years. Lux is a former university instructor and exotic dancer turned itinerant preacher for women’s empowerment through sensual awakening… And she will blow your mind! […]


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