Clothes, Schmothes: 10 Things To Do In Your Underwear!

My current obsession is spending 95% of my time in my underwear with a cardigan thrown over the top. Let’s be honest: most people who work from home do so because they’re motivated by this concept! Clothes, schmothes. Who needs ’em?

Right now, I’m all about Hanes underwear, partially because they sent me a whole lot, but mostly because it’s so damn cute! I’m a fan of their ComfortFlex bras, brightly-patterned hipsters and colourful boy shorts. I’m also a big believer in underwear that fits you (very important) and is comfortable.

As I thought about this concept more and more, I decided that it’s high time that we spend more time in our underwear: just our underwear. So I present to you a list of 10 things to do in your underwear. Make a date with yourself in your favourite underthings.

Have a one-person dance party
It’s not an accident that everyone in a music video looks like what they’re wearing could be underwear… Or is shamelessly hanging out in their bra and knickers. Music and underwear were made to go together!

Have a multi-person dance party!
Invite your friends over. Have a “clothing basket” by the front door. Crank the tunes. Provide beverages. DANCE like your life DEPENDS on it!

Give your dog a bath
I mean, really, who wants to wear clothes when they give their dog a bath? That’s just ridiculous. You’ll be saturated in no time. At least when you do it in your underwear, there’s no muss, no fuss.

There’s something lovely about writing in your underwear. It feels very Anais Nin. I particularly enjoy wearing lipstick at the same time. It’s very luxurious, and who couldn’t use a little more of that in their life?

You don’t need clothes on to clear your mind! I meditate as soon as I wake up, and yes, I sleep in my underwear, so I crawl out of bed and onto my couch, nestle in amongst rainbow sequin cushions, close my eyes, and smile. (Smiling while you meditate = awesomeness forever!)

Clean the house
Cleaning the house in a full outfit is fool’s gold! You’ll only get filthy. Cut out the middle-man (the middle-man being, of course, clothing) and keep it simple!

Watch your favourite TV shows
Your TV doesn’t care if you’re wearing clothes or not. It’s not judging you, it’s just happy to be blaring. Get comfortable on the couch, put your feet up, and enjoy.

Drink tea and swan about
Throw a kimono on over your lingerie, pretend you’re an eccentric heiress, drink tea, and be generally fabulous. Can you give me a good reason not to?!

Do yoga
Unroll that yoga mat and get your stretch on. I don’t always enjoy yoga, but I always feel better afterwards, which is as good a reason as any.

More clothing while you sleep just complicates things. Keep it simple, baby!

Of course, if thinking about all of this has made you realise that your underwear is simply not cute or comfortable enough for any of these activities, check out the Hanes lookbook. (It also has some really good one-person dance party inspiration… You have been warned!)

Rockin’ out in my undies,

This post was brought to you by Hanes and Style Coalition.