Come And Run Through A Rainbow… With Me!

Time may have passed since The Color Run first started, but it’s still one of the coolest events on the planet. Happening in almost every major city, it’s a fun run… with a difference. You start wearing white, and finish looking like a psychedelic explosion! At every kilometre marker you pass, you’re doused with colour from head-to-toe, and by the time you reach the end, you’re saturated with pigment, and ready to celebrate at their larger than life finish-line festival! It’s known as “the happiest 5k on the planet” for a reason!

When I heard about The Color Run for the very first time, I was so delighted that I wrote about it instantly. It was a euphoric day; I felt ecstatic. It restored my faith in all things cool, happy, and optimistic. I was over the moon… And then the tickets sold out faster than you could say “human rainbow”. Sad trombone!

Since then, every time The Color Run rolls around, it’s always too late. There are never any tickets. I started to feel doomed; damned to a colourless existence. Would all my cardio-raising runs be confined to a monochrome treadmill?! Would I be condemned to rainbow-free fitness for all time?!

Thankfully, the answer is no, no, no… And the same goes for you!

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I’m beyond excited to share that I’ve partnered up with Shout® on a mission to inspire and enable Americans to have fun, live out loud, and get a little messy at the same time! I’m giving you the chance to run — or walk, sissy, prance or dance — right alongside me in the New York City Color Run. That’s right: I’m giving away ten tickets to ten very lucky babes!

We’ll be our very own psychedelic troupe, sashaying down the streets of New York City and — most importantly — getting absolutely saturated with colour. Oh man. I can’t wait! I’ve been waiting for this for years!

Want to join me? Simply let me know on this Facebook post, and I will choose ten names at random. Please ensure you will be available on Saturday the 31st of May, and can make it to Citi Field in Queens by 8am! If your name is selected, I’ll email you all the details, and then we’ll meet up and get messy!

(You don’t have to run, by the way. Most people will be doing more of a “social walk”, and strollers and wheelchairs are 100% welcome!)


(This could be us!)

Sometimes it can feel like, as adults, we’re under constant pressure to make responsible choices, toe the line, and never make a mess. But the reality is that life is messy: why not embrace it? I think it’s really cool that Shout® have teamed up with The Color Run. What a perfect partnership! Now you don’t have to worry about the repercussions of becoming a neon goddess, because Shout® makes it a cinch to clean it all up afterwards!

I’m on absolute pins and needles — I cannot wait to do it, and hopefully, see you there!

If you can’t make it, follow my (very bright) adventures on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #ShoutItOut!

Kisses and colourful powder,

This post was sponsored by the fine people at Shout®!