Danielle LaPorte On Striving Within Self-Help, Creativity, And Spirituality

There are very few people who I truly look up to, but Danielle LaPorte is one of them. I’ve been following her moves for seven years, and I’ve been enthralled by every incarnation. Her latest book, White Hot Truth, is an essential read for seekers, spiritual babes, and self-help obsessives.

I was delighted to sit down with her yesterday and ask her some burning questions, including: what should we do to become our own guru? Why do we place our power outside of ourselves? And how can we harness our spirituality to become more creative?

Our conversation illuminated a lot of things for me… And it reminded me to chill out and just do less. Mmmmmm yes. I love it!

Enjoy our chat, and be sure to pick up her book! (I have to buy more copies, because I keep giving them to people!)

Love and white hot truthiness,