Decadent Repose: My Modus Operandi This Summer

Claudia Schiffer

One thing you quickly learn, if you share your home with two large dogs, is that you essentially need two wardrobes. The first contains your most precious pieces: sassy little black dresses, vintage treasures, fabulous stockings. The second is for the stuff you wear around the house, and this is of a markedly less precious quality.

Yes, when you live with animals that shed, you become decidedly un-fancy at home. I’ve tried everything, from obsessive lint-rolling to using a Furminator, but the problem is aggressive. No matter what you do, if you wear your nice clothes at home, they will be covered in a multiplying layer of dog hair. It is so not cute.

This problem vexes me year-round, though it verges on being tolerable in winter. I live in a pair of grey yoga pants (they show less dog hair, somehow) and basically call it a day. (I call it “I Quit! Chic”.) But in summer, when the idea of wearing any kind of trouser feels oppressive, you need another kind of solution.

And I have found it.

Luxury lounge wear. Oh yes. This is my new fascination. Give me beautiful undergarments to lounge in, or give me death.

Bamboo jersey, embroidered tap shorts, lace kimonos, little soft cotton bralettes… Yes. It’s underwear, but it’s not. Glorious slips of things to roll around in and feel glamorous but comfortable at the same time.

The easiest way to do decadent repose is to pick one or two colours, and stick to them. When everything is a different colour, it’s harder to look put-together. You might pick black and grey, for example, or go with all white. Whatever you choose, do your best to be consistent. That way, everything will mix and match with ease.

Decadent Repose

Begin with some comfortable bras. The baby racerback looks like something I’d end up wearing every day. And who said you have to go for soft jersey? This silver sequin-covered bra is a beautiful way to bring some sparkle into your day, and would be just as badass under a sheer tank. If you’re after a splash of colour, the Santimer bra comes in both black and pink.

A cropped muscle tank? Just say yes. Team it with lace boy shorts for the ultimate in cool girl chillwear, or dress it up at night with a pair of skinny jeans and a big, wacky necklace. Aching for a bit of pattern? This striped crop top has got you covered… And you can wear it outside your house, too. The half moon tank is a waffle-knit dream, which ties in the front or the back: your choice.

Now, let’s talk pants. These petal shorts are soft and silky, and ideal for lying around, recumbent. I’m a fan of these mesh side high-waisted undies, cut-out seamless undies, eyelet boyshorts, and high-waisted briefs. P.S. Bloomers, anyone?

Decadent Repose

This stretchy, stripey jumpsuit is giving major Wednesday Addams at summer camp vibes, and it’s the ideal item for lounging around your house and attempting to do some sun salutes, before giving up and having a nap on the couch. Don’t get it twisted: some rompers can be tricky, but this one looks easy. Plus, you can wear it with high-waisted skirts and jeans, and not worry about keeping anything “tucked in”. A very useful basic, indeed.

Decadent Repose

This tattered slip is sublimely gorgeous. I’d wear it around my house all day long, and then add the aforementioned silver sequin bra, a hat, and high-heeled boots for long summer nights in the city. A see-through dress ranks pretty highly on the impracticality scale, but, who cares about practicality?! You can add in a cute bralette and knickers if you feel like covering up, or go without to give your lover a show. Ooh la la!

You don’t know how much you need a simple lace slip in your life until you buy one, then realise you don’t know how you lived without it. This plain black option is almost identical to one I wear — literally — every day. A lace kimono (seen above, with the romper) is the perfect thing to throw on over your slinky ensemble to, say, open the door when your dinner arrives, or take out the trash. Just hum Iggy Azalea to yourself as you do it. “I’m so fancy…”

Well, that’s plenty of day-dreaming… I know what I’ll be lounging in this summer! How about you?

Here’s to a relaxing summer!

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