Dressin’ Up The iPhone 6!

Are you as psyched about the iPhone 6 as I am? Oh man. I’m such a sucker for a new iPhone, especially one with a bigger screen (helloooooo iPhone 6 Plus) and a better camera.

Really, it is all about the camera for me. I have pretty much stopped taking photos with my iPhone 5, and now almost exclusively take pictures with my Samsung NX3000. It has wifi, so I take my camera everywhere, and just send the photos wirelessly. It’s pretty amazing, really… but I hope that the iPhone 6 will allow me to leave my camera at home!

The bad news is that I procrastinated on ordering, and now the wait is 3-4 weeks. Brutal! But that doesn’t mean I haven’t started shopping for my new phone in my mind. Because I have. Oh, you better believe I have.

The first step, of course, is a case. I headed over to Zazzle to see what they had on offer, and while some of their designs were really cute (and how Blogcademy is this?!), I was hit with a brainwave. What if I had Branch design me some cases that were on brand and representin’ the radical self love message?!

Of course, Shauna delivered! Just look at those case designs at the top of the post! They’re so cute I can’t stand it. I uploaded one of the designs to Zazzle’s super-simple system, and now I’m just waiting for it to arrive. Can you guess which one I picked?!

I’m not even done with dressing up my phone. Next step: a sparkly eyeball to adorn my home button, and probably a phone charm covered in sequins. Because that is just how I do!

So excited,

This post was a collaboration with Zazzle.