These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: January 2017

A curious mind will always discover new things — and there can be no question that I have a curious mind! Every now and again, I write these Favourite Things posts in order to share with you a handful of discoveries that I think you will enjoy too…

One of the best things I did in 2016 was start seeing Terri Cole, a clinical psychotherapist, on a regular basis. Our sessions are often the highlight of my day, and she really helps me untangle my thoughts and point me in the right direction. I’m so excited that she has created the Real Love Revolution, a beautiful sisterhood for any woman who wants to experience deeper self-love and create joyful relationships. It’s incredible: smart and useful videos, guided meditations (I use them every day!), love and happiness assessments, weekly livestream discussions, and Q&As. Seriously, it is amazing. Oh, and did I mention, it’s FREE?! Holy shit. Get into it!

I have to admit it: I’m an ex-smoker — I smoked Lucky Strikes from the age of 12 to 26. (Cough, cough.) It’s been a long time since I bought a pack of cigarettes, but unfortunately the thrill of exhaling smoke has never really subsided. When I heard about aromatherapy vape pens, I got really excited, ordered some, and now I’m obsessed. I started with NutroVape, and they are fantastic! Their pens come in two flavored, Energy and Sleep, and I recommend both.

Energy tastes like menthol and citrus, and contains caffeine, taurine, Vitamin B12, and amino acids. Most of us are low on amino acids and they legitimately generate feelings of well-being, so the Energy pen doesn’t just give you pep, it also makes you feel really good! I like to take a couple of hits off this before I go to the gym: it’s way more gentle on your system than a shot of espresso, and the amino acids boost your mood and make you feel like you can achieve anything. Obsessed!

The Sleep pen consists of melatonin, l-theanine, passionflower, and chamomile, and it’s delicious (Earl Grey flavour!). I keep it in my handbag at all times, because passionflower and chamomile are known for helping to manage stress and anxiety, and it’s a really easy way to get your fix. If you ever wished you had something that would just take the edge off, this is a must-own. The pens are only $7 each, so it’s a total no-brainer!

MONQ has a similar product in a few varieties: Happy, Zen, Vibrant, Sleepy, Active, and Healthy. I ordered a couple but they haven’t arrived yet. Although they are strictly aromatherapy, and I think NutroVape packs more of a punch, they’re still worth looking into (and might be better for people who are very sensitive).

I try to keep my MacBook relatively clear of clutter: I close the apps I’m not running, and constantly delete old files. #virgolife But there is one PDF I always have open, and it is — you guessed it — the AstroTwins 2017 Planetary Planner. Their Monthly Hotspots are super-helpful when it comes to navigating romance and your career, and who doesn’t want to be made aware exactly when Mars is squaring Saturn?! It’s important stuff! And never fear: if you’re not an astrology aficionado, this book makes understanding the stars really easy. As I always say, the AstroTwins are the babes who helped me truly understand astrology and see its value — there’s no one better to learn from. Plus, this year, you can get the Planner in digital format or go the whole hog and pick up a massive paperback (perfect for highlighting and making notes in)! You will love it, I promise.

Bad Witch Workout has been making huge strides, and it is SUCH a fun project. This past weekend we taught a class at the legendary Montanari Brothers Powerhouse Gym and we absolutely loved it.

We’ve been hard at work creating enjoyable and challenging workouts, so we’re extremely excited to announce the launch of the Bad Witch Workout Training Plan! It’s a three month program — complete with badass community, playlists, mini-classes and more — designed to get you into the best shape of your life. The results speak for themselves: we have had two babes lose 20 kilograms (that’s 44lbs!) from Bad Witch Workout alone!

If you’re new to the world of exercise — or you’re not sure whether Bad Witch Workout is right for you — try out our free 7 Day Challenge! It’s fun (I promise!), and it will really help you love your body and love how you look.

How you feel about your wallet is an essential part of good money feng shui, so if your wallet is scuffed up or uninspiring, it’s time for a change! I discovered the brand Georgia Mae on Instagram (which is how I find most new products these days), and was instantly smitten. I ordered the Dylan wallet and have been delighted ever since. The iridescent faux-reptile leather is absolutely amazing in person, and the inside is detailed with pale pink faux leather. I love the size, too: it fits easily inside every handbag I own. It also passed the ultimate test: when I was at Gucci the other day, the salesman said, “You know what you really need? An incredible wallet.” I pulled mine out of my bag, and he said, “OH! That’s FABULOUS! You’re sorted!” You’re right, buddy, and mine only cost $40!

I was lucky enough to try out the famous Hydrafacial thanks to the lovely Graceanne and the team at Dr Shafer’s practice. I went in with dull-looking skin that was breaking out for no reason I could discern. Four passes of microdermabrasion with a serum infusion, a glycolic peel, lymphatic drainage, and a delicious cleanse later, I felt like a brand new babeling. Plumped up with hyaluronic acid, my skin looked fresher than a bunch of Dutch tulips. Afterwards, Graceanne used Oxygenetix — a foundation developed for use post-procedure — to even out my complexion and send me out into the world looking like a glowing cherub. Sublime.

As the season started to turn, I felt very inspired to change up my fragrance. I’ve been wearing Comptoir Sud Pacifique Amour de Cacao for a few years now, and all of a sudden, smelling like a block of chocolate didn’t feel appealing. It happened in a flash: you know how it is, surely. Suddenly a fragrance that felt as familiar and comforting as the smell of your childhood home just loses its lustre. At Sephora, I sniffed a million scents but nothing grabbed me. And then, in a deliciously-scented twist of fate, a box of the MAC Cosmetics Shadescents arrived on my doorstep, and I fell head-over-heels for Velvet Teddy.

Velvet Teddy is — dare I say it — a warmer, sexier version of Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, which is about $220 a bottle. (Velvet Teddy is $57!) It smells like honey and musk and tobacco, and it is unbelievably alluring. It has received the stamp of approval from Miss Jay, who leaned in close at a party to inhale it and then talked my ear off about perfume for half an hour, as well as my closest friends and several Uber drivers. RUN DON’T WALK!

And finally, in the Very Nice News department, I’ve been nominated for Best Blog of 2016 by Auxiliary Magazine, which is extremely kind. You can cast your vote here and I would really appreciate your support! If anything I’ve written has ever touched you or made you think differently, it’d make me really happy to get your vote.

There are so many exciting things on my calendar, which is really (I think) the way to make the most of a new year: stock it with events you’re gleefully anticipating! I’m so looking forward to seeing Dita Von Teese and Run The Jewels, to go on a quick trip to Las Vegas (and probably Los Angeles), and of course, to hold my Radical Self Love Temple retreats in Marrakech! SQUEAL! We have a couple of rooms remaining for the March 30th retreat and I would absolutely love to see you there!

Love always,