Florence: You’re Too Beautiful For Words, So Here’s A Thousand Photos



ear Florence, you are the city dreams are made from. Our time there was brief — three days — but beautiful and action-packed. Every evening, we headed back to our Airbnb absolutely exhausted. It was a whirlwind, and while I wouldn’t classify it as a “relaxing” trip, we flew back to our respective corners of the globe feeling totally inspired, reinvigorated, and excited about life.

We’d planned to take the train to Venice on our last day, but the weather forecast of torrential downpours and never-ending thunderstorms put us off somewhat! We were happy to have another day in Florence… And we’ll go to Venice next time!


I had heard about the Duomo (Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore) but I didn’t know that much about it, just that it was a must-see. On our first day in Florence, we walked down a skinny street into the city centre… And we were confronted by it. Photos cannot do it justice, and the scale is incredible.


The detail — carved doors and panels, contrasting materials, etc. — is astounding. They started constructing the Duomo in 1296 (!!!) and it was completed in 1436. Like I said in my video about Rome, I had never been so close to something so old. Italy’s history makes America seem like a toddler in comparison.


Professional jumper!


Florence is a city of contradictions: some streets are crawling with tourists moving in a loud horde past empty United Colors Of Benetton stores, while some are like this, completely empty except for a sliver of sunshine and a bicycle. It’s an incredible city to just get lost in.


I loved this cover! Sunglasses on marble busts?! Amazing!


A Prada bag used for garbage? Why not? Oh, Italy!


Photobooth time… We are physically incapable of passing one up. Honestly, if you want to trap someone from Generation Y, just put a bear trap in a photobooth. Got ’em!


One of our favourite places in Florence was Luisa Via Roma. It was decorated like a rainbow wonderland, full of enormous My Little Pony sculptures and technicolour clothes. Swoon. The danger of it all!


Check out those knockers! Hahah.


One night after dinner, a waiter poured us some glasses of limoncello. I was grimacing as soon as he grabbed the bottle, because we’d had a not-so-wonderful limoncello experience in Rome. (It was disgusting: sweet, sickly and warm. Blech!) So you can imagine our surprise when this limoncello was great, easy to drink and adequately chilled. It fueled some hilarious conversations, dancing in the bicycle lane, and a random jaunt to the Four Seasons for overpriced but lovely cocktails.


You’re never too old to ride on a carousel… Or be photobombed by your BFF!


One of our favourite places to hang out in Florence was the Gucci museum. It is AWESOME. There’s a cafe attached to it and I am not ashamed to say we visited more than once. You can buy Gucci chocolates!


Who doesn’t want to drink their latte out of a Gucci Museo official mug?! Nobody, that’s who! And by the way, your coffee comes with little cookies in the shape of the interlocking G logo. Sick. I nabbed some packets of official Gucci sugar for Emily and smuggled them back to America. What a good friend!


Wearing my new Missoni turban (I went a little nuts in Missoni) with the most subtle tank top on the planet, hahah, a sequin pencil skirt, and Nike sneaker wedges. Living the dream. By the way, Nike sneaker wedges are the way of the future. Comfortable, stylish, and they give you just enough height. I walk miles in mine every single day.


I was a couple of months into quitting sugar when we went to Italy. During a Pilates session, I told my instructor Jan how excited I was to go on the trip. “The gelato will change your life!” she exclaimed. “Yeah, I know, but I just quit sugar and I don’t want to backslide…” I replied. Jan is extremely health-conscious and as a result, her body slays. So when she said, “Fuck that! You HAVE to eat gelato in Italy!”, I took her seriously. Hahah.

Yes, the gelato was awesome, and yes, I had it a few times. But now I’m back on my no sugar regimen and I feel fantastic. (I really recommend it.)



I have no idea what these say…


Ugh. Florence is so gorgeous. We took this on our last night, before heading to the rooftop bar at the Westin for delicious but cataclysmically-strong drinks. (The view is beyond.)


Shauna and I were totally obsessed with this window at Patrizia Pepe. I love the outfits on the left and right. A cropped sweater t-shirt with a pencil skirt, studded belt and striped jacket tied around the waist? KILLING IT. And the studded motorcycle jacket with the shift dress is a winner too. So inspired by these looks.


Italian widow style. Doesn’t she look like she’s a getaway car driver, waiting for her new lover to run out of the bank with a big bag of cash?


Bar Gala! I picked up this skirt at a vintage clothing store, what a great purchase. It’s like a candy wrapper from the 1970’s. My pink turban is from Amazon, it’s made of terrycloth and I have them in all different colours. Best thing ever for a bad hair day.




Our trip to Florence was so quick, but it left such a massive impact on all three of us. I am absolutely obsessed with Italy, and I can’t wait to go back! 2016, here we come!

Love ever,

Photos by Lisa Jane Photography