The Gala Darling Show: Episode 1

New year, new everything! YES! I am feeling the fresh vibes of 2018. I want to create, create, create; keep talking about the things are exciting me, lifting me up, and giving me life; pull you into the conversation and offer you new things to try; and be SHAMELESS. I want to write, take photos, make videos, record podcasts… And so I am doing exactly that. It feels amazing.

As much as I love to create things, I also love making the process of creation really easy. The more steps there are, the more of a barrier to entry there is. I’ve started podcasts before, but I’ve always abandoned them because the creation felt too laborious. But — as you’ll hear in the episode below — I recently discovered a podcast by a woman I met years ago in Australia and it completely inspired me.

For those of you who loved my Wonderland Sessions, you will be really into Episode 1! I talk about torturing myself with my thoughts versus feeling good, how to be happy in the “becoming”, worry and worst case scenario thinking, and what we can do to put ourselves in a really positive place. I also declare my two big intentions for 2018! Whee!


Show notes:
Sacred Morning Practice
Wonderland Sessions
Susana Frioni’s podcast
 Intro and outro are Renegade by Anik Khan

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. Let me know what you think!