The Gala Darling Show: Episode 10 with Lux ATL

Last night, I had the privilege of sitting down with Lux ATL. It was our first time meeting, and she is delightful! I’ve followed her online for a couple of years. Lux is a former university instructor and exotic dancer turned itinerant preacher for women’s empowerment through sensual awakening… And she will blow your mind!

I know you’ll be as fascinated by her story as I was, and if you dig where she’s coming from, you can follow her on Instagram.


In this episode, we talked about…

STRIPCABIN! And the magic of bringing women together
How Lux stayed in the game of stripping for 16 years
Stripper rage
Living in the world of academia at the same time as stripping
Being sexually precocious and wondering, “Why am I like this?”
Maybe I’m not damaged — maybe this is simply who I am
How women struggle with hating their bodies, and where self-loathing comes from
The regulation of female sexuality
Just because you see the matrix doesn’t mean you’re not in it
Women who police other women
Mobilizing your knowledge of misogyny to fuck with other women
Female “competition”
Negotiating marriage with Lux’s career
Desiring — and making peace with — tradition
How Lux’s husband dealt with her working in strip clubs
How love is forgiveness
The beauty of pairing up with people who are so different to you
How to trust other women
Being curious about your jealousy
The way that women are stronger when we work together
How you cannot learn everything from one source
How you don’t need to agree with someone entirely to find value in what they do
Cancel culture
People in glass houses, baby!
Mobilizing the language of social justice as an excuse to treat people poorly
Drinking male tears… Or not
How people on the internet love anger
Being a spiritual atheist
The difference between treating your body with love or not
The sisterhood that is created in retreats
Vulnerability as an essential component of healing
How “being the best” is an elusive goalpost
Leaving behind comfort to pursue a bigger life
How you are your own best investment
The gifts of loss
Whether you secretly suspect you might be brilliant!

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