The Gala Darling Show: Episode 11 with Jessica Snow

Jessica Snow is a truly magical creature. I discovered her through our mutual friend, Mystic Medusa, and was instantly drawn in to her world. Jessica is a meditation guide and author, and she is the person I recommend to everyone who wants to start a meditation practice. Her meditations are alchemical and transformative like nothing else I’ve ever listened to.

But — as you may have noticed from the episodes thus far — I love people who are multi-faceted. Rebels and misfits. People who can surprise you. People who bring their own delicious energy and are happy to go somewhere new with you. Jessica is absolutely one of those people. Our conversation was so joyful, and I know you will love the twists and turns it takes you through!

You can find Jessica — and all her treasures — at


In this episode, we talked about…

Meditation as a magical practice
How Jessica works as the meditation welcoming committee
Inside each of us is a universe
How to get around using meditation as a way to beat yourself up
How Tori Amos can help you start an easy meditation practice!
The power that we have today as women
How the patriarchy keeps men down just as much as women
How uncool bullying has become
Living through a transitionary time
Being discriminating about what we consume
Being a punk rock anarchist at heart
Using Instagram as a spell
Choosing where to put your energy
Whether aliens are already here?!
How we can work with our shadow for growth
SoulCollage and creating your own oracle deck
The power of knowing that it is all OKAY
Using archetypes as guides in our lives
Letting go of proving our worthiness
The fear of success and how it holds us back
Moving away from friendships that are no longer in vibrational alignment
Insanely effective housewitchery
Experiencing expansion and how that can feel confusing and bumpy
Learning how to celebrate our successes
How watching others can inform our own lives
…And so much more!

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