The Gala Darling Show: Episode 12 with Natalia Benson

Natalia Benson is one of my all-time favorite people that I’ve met since moving to Los Angeles. She’s a modern mystic and an empowerment coach, and she walks her talk! She is totally powerful, energetic, optimistic, open-minded and passionate. You can only imagine the GOOD GODDAMN TIME we have when we hang out!

Well, I guess now you don’t have to imagine it, ’cause here’s an hour and a half of us doing what we do best: talking very excitedly about all things mystical and practical.

You can find Natalia at her website and on Instagram. And I think you’ll love her just as much as I do.


In this episode, we talked about…

Our experiences at Unleash The Power Within
Daily empowering practices
The idea of holy bathing
Why we love Tony Robbins (and his astrological chart!)
Honoring the need for sleep
Releasing the pressure of being productive 24/7
Creating systems so you can create your best work
The tapping work we did together to heal Natalia’s deep abandonment issues
…And how that led to Natalia manifesting her man!
How self-love isn’t selfish and how it helps others
How we can repurpose pain and use it as fuel
What Natalia learned from the Loreena Bobbit documentary
What being of service is REALLY about
Leaning too much on mystical practices
The secret techniques I use in High Vibe Honey!
Not giving your power away to tarot, astrology, or anything else
Using language consciously
Not “trying” — just DOING!
Natalia’s obsession with Dave Asprey’s book, Gamechangers
Avoiding weasel words
Harnessing the power of the subconscious to change your life
The way you utilize your word is the way you create your universe
The power of getting really EXCITED about things!
Being able to really receive conversation rather than making it about us
Helping others and using that as fuel
Dressing to FEEL GOOD rather than obsessing over your size
Letting your body change with the seasons
Eating intuitively as well as eating for pleasure
Being comfortable with yourself and your body
How mirror work changed Natalia’s life
The way that painful situations remind you of your self-worth
How grace is always there for you
The lessons Natalia has learned from dating
People always show you who they are!
Making projections of how this or that will be in a year or two
“You’re being too sensitive!”
Your sensitivity is your superpower!
Being unconditionally loving versus being a doormat
Getting inspiration from other sources
The value of modelling other people’s success
“Criticize by creating!”
…And so much more!

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