The Gala Darling Show: Episode 15 with Grace Smith

Are you an entrepreneur — or a wantrepreneur! — with the desire to massively grow your business? In this episode with my dear friend (and genius) Grace Smith, the topic on deck is FEMALE ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Grace is the founder and CEO of Grace Space Hypnosis, a 7-figure business she started from her closet!

Every time we talk, I am massively inspired. Her vision is so clear and she knows that anything is possible. I believe that this episode will help you see brand new potential for your business… And could change how you do everything!

You can find Grace and her work at GS Hypnosis.


In this episode, we talked about…

How Grace built a 7 figure business from her closet
Dispelling the myth of hardship
A business is a liability if you have to be in it all the time
How to hire the best people
How peace and freedom helps you create an 8 figure business
“Healthy, wealthy, evolved, super-rich healer” as an identity
Elevating, upgrading, and not playing small
The excitement is in the journey!
How Gala works for a week and a half a month
How Grace transitioned from corporate America to entrepreneurship
Using hypnosis to stop smoking and get over the fear of public speaking
How talking about your problems strengthens neurological links
How we avoid the things we don’t want to look at
The value of working with someone else, no matter how knowledgable you are
The importance of hiring people who believe in your mission
How you can start to scale your business in the beginning
Why you HAVE TO hire a customer service person!
The mistake of thinking you need new customers vs nurturing your existing ones
How many times we need to see a product before we take action (OMGGGG)
The power of the micro-influencer (or why you don’t need a million followers to succeed)
The pain of not seeing your numbers growing and what to do about it
The importance of turning a vein of gold into a faucet
The different things we tried in business
How Gala pivoted from fashion blogging to self-help
It’s okay for people to not get you!
And a bonus hypnosis session for turning up your confidence!

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