The Gala Darling Show: Episode 7 with Alexandra Roxo

Happy Friday! It has been an incredible week and this morning I topped it off by putting together an episode of The Gala Darling Show in its brand new format: a video podcast featuring a guest! In this episode, Alexandra Roxo and I get really down and dirty. I have been so inspired by Joe Rogan’s long-format podcasts, and this is what I am endeavouring to do here. I want you to feel like you’re just hanging out with us in my living room, so let me know if this hits the mark!

We talked about…

 Truly supportive, nurturing relationships and what we’ve discovered
 Experimenting with a “research and development” stage of dating
 Using your intuition when you first meet someone
 Having an allergic reaction to going on a date!
 The ways in which your body is a wand
 How to set — and maintain — energetic and emotional boundaries
 Rejection as protection!
 How to move on when a relationship is over
 The 8 week rule that draws lovers in
 Accepting people “as is” (and abandoning the ideas of “potential”)
 How we amp up our creative processes and work with teams
 Making space for ideas to come and letting go of an overly-scheduled calendar
 The importance of recharging and feeling good
 How more work doesn’t always equal more money (and less work doesn’t equal less money)

I think this was a really helpful conversation, especially as we come up on Valentine’s Day, which can be quite challenging! Be sure to comment and let us know what you enjoyed!

Love always,