The Gala Darling Show: Episode 9 with Jerico Mandybur

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Today I’m interviewing Jerico Mandybur. On the day we sat down, it was her first day of freedom from a corporate job at Girlboss — so if you’ve been wanting to leave your job, this episode will really help you see that your conflicted feelings are not unusual! Jerico is the author of Neo Tarot, which you can pre-order now.


In this episode, we talked about…

 Jerico’s last day at Girlboss and why she left
 Leaving behind things that are “good on paper”
 Taking the leap into creative freedom
 Why Jerico created a new tarot deck
 Being a baby witch and weirdo
 How to use your intuition for more accurate tarot card readings
 How does tarot WORK?!
 What Jerico learned from hosting a self-care podcast
 Scheduling in self-care for best results
 How to lift your vibrations
 How to navigate transitions
 Celebrating our successes
 American confidence
 The magic of growing into your idealized self
 Other people criticizing or not supporting your choices
 Considering the source of criticism
 How Jerico found the love of her life
 Raising your standards to attract love
 What we’re grateful for

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