Getting #PrettyInProm!

Getting #PrettyInProm!

Prom approacheth, so a couple of weeks ago, I headed to Lord & Taylor to wreak havoc on their dress department! My mission? Help a few babes get #prettyinprom (and give them a second, non-Mom opinion). As I walked into the store, where a DJ was spinning Pharrell and waiters were passing around teeny-tiny sugary snacks, my eyes were flitting all over the place. There were dresses for miles, in every shape, colour and style you could possibly imagine. From Trina Turk to Theia, and Calvin Klein to Kay Unger, it was enough to make me wish I had a time machine and I could be 18 all over again.

I was swooning all over the place, but I managed to compose myself long enough to dress some mannequins, grab the coolest clutches and sassiest shoes, and then swan into the fitting room to gab about gowns with anyone who would indulge me.

Getting #PrettyInProm!

It was such a delight to meet so many cool young women with such a strong sense of self, and even better than that, to suggest accessories and give styling pointers. When I suggested a flower crown to one girl who was killin’ it in a full-length lavender gown, she almost fell over with excitement.

“I have a flower crown at home!” she said. “I love it! NO ONE at my school would EVER wear one.”

“That’s exactly why you should!” I replied.

(I hope she does it.)

From a statuesque redhead in a long black dress to a mocha-skinned beauty having a moment in aquamarine, the excitement buzzed through the dressing room. It was intoxicating!

Prom season can be intense and intimidating for the most even-keeled of babes. Just remember to breathe and enjoy the process!

My top tip to survive this prom season with grace and poise? Be sure to get in soon to secure your frock. Get a dress you feel comfortable in: if it’s too short or too tight, you won’t be able to enjoy yourself. But don’t delay, because this is truly a case of first in, best dressed!

Prom on,

This post was made possible with the support of Style Coalition and Lord & Taylor.