Got The Itch To Change Your Hair? Try This…

One of the best decisions I made this year was to hold Radical Self Love Salons. Spending a few hours in the company of magical women who are devoted to improving their lives is a huge pleasure, and it’s not something I take lightly.

The invitation says to dress in your Sunday best… And I always bring my A game. I love to dress up for my girls. So last month, I went blue with Garnier Color Styler! (While I love my haircut — the perfect lob — sometimes the compulsion to change my hair makes me a little antsy.)

Despite the fact that I love my cut, the urge to do something fun to my hair feels overwhelming. But I don’t want to go the peroxide route and fry my hair — it has only just started to get healthy again after years of abuse! What’s a girl to do?

Enter stage left: Garnier Color Styler, temporary hair colour that kicks major booty and washes out after just a few shampoos.

I had both Blue Burst and Purple Mania to play with, and play I did. I rocked blue bangs to October’s Radical Self Love Salon, and mixed the two together and streaked my bob for a lunch date. Best of all, there’s heaps of product in the bottle, so you can definitely use it more than once.

Usually, if you’re of the dark-haired persuasion, the only way you’re going to get candy-coloured locks is if you lighten your hair first. Well, the tide has turned! Garnier Color Styler shows up like mad, and I love the way it brought out the best of my blue-black hair colour!

What I love most about Color Styler is that it only lasts for 72 hours, so if your boss is a bummer, she never has to know that you were flicking your magenta mane all weekend long!


1. Make sure your hair is clean, dry and untangled.

2. Put on the gloves provided in the pack.

3. Section off the part of your hair you wish to color.

4. Shake the bottle vigorously to ensure color is mixed.

5. Gently squeeze out a few drops (3 to 4) onto your gloves.

6. Rub the fingers of the gloves together.

7. Apply a thin coat of the colour in a downward motion while smoothing the hair, starting at the root. Apply it in small sections until you have even coverage. Don’t use too much product, it’s better to use small amounts, and I probably went over each section between 5 and 10 times.

8. After the color is vibrant, wait until the product is completely dry and then comb through using either a wide tooth brush or comb. You can use a hair dryer to speed up drying the color.

P.S. If you make a mistake or need to get to that interview the next day, apply hair oils to help remove the color quickly!

Here were some of the Color Styler looks I flaunted…

Got The Itch To Change Your Hair? Try This...

#TBT to the time I threw some blue into my hair for October’s Radical Self Love Salon (I used @GarnierUSA Color Styler!). I must say, I’m pretty fond of the way this colour matches my faux fur, also known as “the blue ocelot”! (Meow.)

Got The Itch To Change Your Hair? Try This...

Can we call this “athlechic”?! (Ho ho!) I’m on my way to get my ass KICKED at the gym. Hand me your least revolting protein bar, stat!

Got The Itch To Change Your Hair? Try This...

I’m definitely having a blue moment! Now that my hair is navy, the temptation to match ALL of my clothing is overwhelming! Sadly, I don’t own blue shoes. Maybe that would be a good addition to my wardrobe?! #bluesuedeshoes

Got The Itch To Change Your Hair? Try This...

Dancing in my bedroom… YEAH MAMA.

Got The Itch To Change Your Hair? Try This...

Meeting one of my babes for a lunchdate. I forgot how much fun it is to have a little bit of colour in my hair. I think I’m going to be using Color Styler a LOT. Next up: purple?!

Can you think of the perfect time or place to parade your (temporarily) pink, purple, blue, red or bronze ‘do? Visit and you could be the next #FunnestGirl.

Kisses from this blue-haired babe,

This post was made possible with the help of Garnier and Style Coalition.