How To Find Meaningful Work: The Miracle Worker Q&A

Miracle Worker

On Sunday, Ellen and I held a Miracle Worker hangout to answer many questions you guys had about career, surviving a job you hate, and figuring out what you should do with your life!

It was great fun, and if you missed the live event, it was recorded in its entirety! Click below to watch. (If you’re viewing this via email, you’ll need to click through to see the video.)



Hopefully, this video will give you some clarity around what your next moves should be. Now, go out there and kick some ass!

Don’t forget, Miracle Worker kicks off on May 4th, and if you’re thinking about signing up, we’d recommend doing it sooner rather later! (Awesome friendships are already being formed in the Facebook group, and being firmly entrenched in our community will make the class experience way more fun.)