Five Periscopers To Follow To Start Your Day With A Hiss And A Roar!

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I am in the grips of a brand new love affair. Sorry Instagram, but I recently discovered Periscope and I am all about it! In fact, I love Periscope so much that I’m on it every day, Monday through Friday, broadcasting gratitude and radical self love to the world!

Okay, let’s backtrack. I was in New Mexico a couple of weeks ago, learning how to upgrade my speaking skills with the incomparable Gail Larsen. (When Danielle LaPorte, Kris Carr, Marie Forleo and Gabby Bernstein have all been through her program and recommend her without hesitation, you know Gail’s the cream of the crop.) It was an incredible four day program, and in addition to massively improving my speaking, I was lucky to meet a soul sister: Grace Smith.

Grace Smith is a hypnotist. We met briefly at Soul Camp in September, and then spent four days together in New Mexico. When we were together, we couldn’t stop talking — we had an instant connection. And on the final night, Grace gave me a hypnosis session which — no exaggeration — set the wheels in motion for several major changes in my life. I had never tried hypnosis before, and it rocked my world! (If you’re curious to see what hypnosis is all about, here’s a free 3 minute stress relief recording! I promise you’ll LOVE IT!)

In addition to our adventures together staring at jewellery, going for late-night walks, huffing oxygen, drinking magical elixirs and having crystals placed on our chakras — yes, we got a lot done in our down-time — we also talked about Periscope. Grace is a Periscope pro and is an incredible evangelist for the platform. (She even spoke at the Periscope Community Summit recently!)

So, what the hell is Periscope? Periscope is an iPhone/Android app that allows you to livestream from wherever you are. You can film whatever you like and broadcast it immediately to your followers, who can then talk to you via a chat stream, or send you little hearts when they’re enjoying what they’re seeing or hearing.

I’ve been talking for ages about how there are no gatekeepers anymore — and how we can create anything we want these days — and Periscope is a perfect example of that. Want your own TV show? Now you can have one. Brilliant.

ps babes (707)

If you’re new to Periscope, I encourage you to jump onto the platform! It’s the best. Here are some good places to start and people you might like to follow…

GRACESMITHTV Grace is on every day at 12pm Eastern, hypnotising the masses! YES, she actually drops everyone down into a state of deep relaxation and bliss every single day, just out of the goodness of her heart. You have never heard a more soothing voice than hers. If you need a little moment of zen, Grace has got the goods. You should definitely follow her and get into it!

GALADARLING I go live just after Grace. My sessions happen from Monday to Friday at 12.30pm Eastern. I’ve started doing #GratiScopes, where I talk about five things I’m thankful for and ask everyone watching to chime in with their own gratitude! It’s an awesome way to start the day. After that, I often issue a radical self love challenge or exercise for you to try at home, and sometimes on Fridays we do rituals together. It’s so much fun!

VERONICAVARLOW After you’ve watched my #GratiScope, hop over to Veronica’s channel to watch her adventures! Veronica goes live at 1pm Eastern and so far her scopes have been a glorious mix: an interview with her husband about how they keep their relationship steamy, a shared meditation, creating your best badass life, and so much more. Don’t miss it!

STROTHER_PT If you’re looking for workout inspiration, my boyfriend — who happens to be an incredible personal trainer — should be your next follow. He broadcasts all kinds of different things throughout the day, from sparring to sessions with clients. Primarily I watch him because I’m a pervert, but if you’re looking to mix up your workout routine, he has lots of great ideas!

GABBYBERNSTEIN My girl Gabs is always an early adopter, and she was the first person I saw using Periscope in a really cool way. She leads meditations, broadcasts live from events, and almost always livestreams her talks. For uplifting and positive scopes, you can’t go past Gabby for a good time.

So, does this get you excited about jumping on the Periscope bandwagon? I hope so! Download the app now, start following some people, and I’d love to see you join me for a #GratiScope today at 12.30pm Eastern!

Love and livestreaming,

Photos by Made U Look Photography.