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I received an email from Nadine this morning, saying…

“Sweetie, can you believe it was a YEAR ago we were running around doing film noir? Unbelievable!”

Do you remember that?! This time last year, it was the fourth International Dress-Up Day, the theme was film noir, & the participants were spectacular!

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane…


Simon took these pictures of me in the little alleyways surrounding our apartment in inner-city Melbourne. It was freezing cold, & my shoes were killing me by the end of it, but we were both really happy with how the pictures came out!



Nadine said, “I don’t have access to venetian blinds, martini glasses or cigarettes, but little boys live in my house so guns are dime-a-dozen! I spent ages on Friday practising for the first one – heels, gun . . . shorts & t-shirt.”



Candice said, “mostly i just went for major contrast with the lighting.. threw in some cigarette smoke, alcohol, high heels, my favourite thrifted dress & voila! great theme.. it was definitely a broadening experience for me!”


NoirMuse said, “The Film Noir theme was a great opportunity to use my vintage had collection and seamed stockings.”

Lalumiere & friends
Lalumiere & friends

Lalumiere said, “we dressed up and bounced around downtown taking photos.. we got lots of weird looks but that kind of added to the fun. we came up with a plot and everything for them.. though there are far to many in the story to show off right now.”

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