If We Ran The World: A Conversation With Cindy Gallop

Cindy Gallop

On Tuesday morning, I was hugely excited to pay a visit to Cindy Gallop at her infamous black apartment. (It is unbelievably amazing, & needs a feature all of its own! Notorious B.I.G.’s video for Nasty Girl — featuring Diddy, Usher, Pharrell & Nelly — was shot there! Ahhh! Is my fangirl showing?)

Cindy Gallop is a brand-building, advertising & marketing genius. She won Advertising Woman of the Year in 2003 & now works on a variety of entrepreneurial projects. We sat down to talk about two of them — If We Ran The World & Make Love Not Porn — as well as her status as an iconic bachelorette!

If We Ran The World is such a brilliant, inspiring project. As I say in the video, so many of us want to change things but don’t know where to start. Cindy, in her infinite wisdom, has given us the perfect place to congregate & not just talk, but ACT.

One of the things I admire most about Cindy is the fact that she wants to unite being “bad” with being “good” — to her, there is no distinction. As she told me after we stopped filming, she wants to dispel that old high school myth of the “cool” kids who smoke & drink & have sex behind the bike-sheds, & the “uncool” kids who are do-gooders. She thinks it is entirely possible to drink martinis, have a raging sex life & save the world all at the same time!

What a fantastically compelling woman. She’s smart, takes no prisoners, knows what she wants & goes after it — all while being impeccably well-mannered. Everything I aspire to be.

Remember to check out If We Ran The World & start making some real social change! As Cindy says, “Action is transformative.”