I’m Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas… With BLOODMILK!

I believe in wearing jewellery which means something to you. I don’t see a a necklace or a ring as a simple piece of adornment — though, of course, it can be. To me, it is symbolic. In an ideal world, a piece of jewellery is beautiful on its own, but when infused with the spirit of the wearer, it takes on an entirely new meaning.

It can be difficult to find really special pieces in this world of uber-manufactured schlocky sameness, but thankfully, not so long ago I discovered a shop called BloodMilk. Their focus is on “supernatural jewels for surrealists darlings”, & pieces which are eccentric, unusual, & very beautiful. You can peruse their Etsy shop here, to see what I mean!

Today, we’re giving away two glorious pieces! You can enter to win both… Read on for details!

I'm Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas... With BLOODMILK!


cast in immortal silver, a flaming sacred heart is pierced by a detailed sword. suspended by a 7 of sorrows rosary connector, the piece mixes two spiritual traditions; the intense grief of the virgin mary as well as the metaphor of the 8 of swords tarot card, my absolute favorite in the deck.

in the card a raven haired lady is bound at the arms and blinded folded, surrounded by a ring of 8 swords. however bleak this may seem, the swords don’t completely encircle her and she’s able to walk away. this card represents breaking through barriers, overcoming difficult times.

I'm Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas... With BLOODMILK!


the planchette has become a personal symbol for me and my unending quest to figure out if there is an afterlife and if so, if it allows those who have passed to continue relationships with the living, with the planchette acting as a conduit between worlds. here, the necklace is worn over the heart, furthering my personal narrative of connecting with those we have loved most.

apart from the spirit board its often associated with, the planchette was also used during victorian times for automatic writing. a much large version was rigged with wheels and a pencil and allowed for a free movement and writing that people used to tap into their unconscious. in this way, the planchette is also a symbol of divinatory experience between the conscious and the unconscious, between the body & the psyche, reflecting my interests in inner alchemy.

For your chance to win, all you need to do is click here & share with us: If you could go on a romantic date with anyone from history, who would it be, & why? (Also, be sure to mention which piece you’d rather win!)

Bonne chance!