It’s Not About “Feeling Good” All The Time

My vision of radical self love evolves and changes every single day. I used to think the most important thing was simply making sure you felt good, and while I still think that’s a valuable yardstick, sometimes we cling to “what feels good” as a way to avoid growth. Being uncomfortable is a crucial part of transformation.

The truth is that radical self love is a rocky road (with lots of marshmallows) and a constant work in progress. I still have to fight back against my natural instincts to play small every single day. But the flipside is that the more I worship myself and act like my own best friend, the more my life expands.

I have learned so much about life — self-love, relationships, bringing our dreams to fruition, and navigating the messiness of being human — in the year since my book, Radical Self-Love, was first published, and I’m unbelievably eager to share what I’ve discovered with you. In the Radical Self-Love online class, we’ll be taking a deep and discerning look at what we can do TODAY to make big changes in our lives.

As the class progresses, I’ll be broadcasting live every week — although of course you can watch the replay at any time — and we’ll work our way through my book. The curriculum is packed solid and FULL of goodies, and you can read all about it here!

Want a taste of what the class will be like? Join me on Facebook today at 5pm EST! And if you want to join us, click below!

To progress and change and being the realest of the real!

Love always,

Photo by Made U Look.