I’ve Got A Case Of Tattoo Madness!

Tattoo Madness!Photo by Ysa Perez.

Recently, I’ve been feeling an urge… An urge to get another tattoo. Eeeeeeeeee!!!

My two half-sleeves have absolutely no meaning. I came up with the designs, but I only got them because they were pretty, not for any other reason. People ask me all the time what my tattoos mean, and there is no explanation. As annoying as it can be when people ask “what does that mean?”, it’s even more annoying not to have an answer!

But lately I’ve been thinking about getting another tattoo, something new which actually does have meaning to me: probably something related to radical self love, magic and manifesting. At the moment, it’s just a rough concept… I definitely need some inspiration!

All of this makes me excited to tune into season two of Best Ink, which is on Oxygen tonight (10-11pm ET)! Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a peek into the world of tattoo artistry!

Best Ink is cool: twelve tattoo artists compete every week for a chance at $100,000 (!!!) and a cover story in Tattoo magazine. You see all kinds of work, meet many different personalities, and definitely get a fair few ideas for tattoos!

This season is being hosted by Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, and judged by Joe Capobianco, Sabina Kelley and Hannah Aitchison (total girl crushes!). Ugh, I can’t wait to watch!

Since we got to Los Angeles, Kat and I have been talking non-stop about how we’d like to have our current tattoos reworked, and what we’d like to get in the future. We’ve been walking around Hollywood, staring into the windows of tattoo studios, thinking, dreaming and plotting…

Do you have tattoos? Are you happy with them? Would you ever have them reworked or removed? Tell me all about it!

Ink and needles,

This post was made possible with the generous support of Best Ink!