Leather Jackets & Frothy Dresses!


For this MNG by MANGO challenge, I was asked to style a classic motorcycle jacket in a way that would make a girl from Milan proud!

I’m a huge fan of motorcycle jackets… & not just on the bike! While they definitely provide protection if you happen to take a spill, they’re also a way to inject some effortless cool into your wardrobe. What else could have been worn by Marlon Brando, The Ramones & Michael Jackson with equal aplomb?!

I love to wear motorcycle jackets over the top of uber-femme dresses — it’s one of my favourite all-time combinations! — so I could hardly resist throwing this together with a bangin’ Betsey Johnson party dress, some pink sequinned Converse & a crazy Chanel handbag!

MNG by MANGOYou can see my styleboard here!

P.S. You could win a trip to Barcelona with ME! Damn, girl/boy! Let’s GO! Grab your passport & let’s SKEDADDLE!

Full disclosure, y’all: This campaign is produced by Style Coalition & sponsored by jcpenney!