Luvocracy: Obsessed!


In two weeks, I’ll be hopping a jetplane and heading down under to Australia and New Zealand, where their summer is just starting to pick up its head and make itself known. I’m in a state of turmoil: on the one hand, I’m obsessed with my new oversized mohair cardigan and am kind of loving wearing it every day. But on the other: SUMMER, glorious summer!

It has my brain in a bit of a scramble, so I’ve been using Luvocracy to get myself into the right mindset!

Luvocracy is like a shoppable Pinterest: you get to explore someone else’s tastes and favourite products, plus read about how they use a certain thing. And unlike Pinterest, where you often end up with a dead link, on Luvocracy you’re directed straight to a shopping page, with the best prices and from reputable sellers.

It sounds more complicated than it is. For example, below is my ‘Down Under’ collection, where I’m sourcing essentials for a trip to the Antipodes.


As you can see, it’s a mix of things I already own (and recommend), as well as things I’m lusting over. (That Camilla and Marc swimsuit! HELLO! Plus, you gotta represent when you’re in Australia!)

The same kind of principle goes for my ‘Style Essentials’ collection. It’s loaded with things I cannot live without, like Mario Badescu skincare, enormous hats, leather pants and the best eyeliner on the planet…


Admittedly, I went a little crazy, making collections of magic must-haves, home decor that makes me swoon, healthy products I always have on hand, and some of my favourite gym gear… What can I say, it’s fun (and addictive)!

Anyway, check out my collections and have a play with the Luvocracy app!

Much love,

This post was made in partnership with Style Coalition.