Miracle Worker: Grit, Nerve, Courage, And What It Takes To Create A Magical Career

Miracle Worker

Have you ever scrolled endlessly through job listings, praying you’ll find one which is mildly interesting, or even — dare I say it — exciting? Have you bounced from one job to the next, hoping that this next role will fill the emptiness you feel? Have you ever wondered what the hell you should do with your life?!

If any of those situations feel eerily familiar, don’t worry: you’re not alone. In fact, one of the questions I receive most is “How do I figure out what to do with my life?”

We’re in the midst of an incredible shift, a time where we don’t want to just take what is offered. We want to do work that matters. We want to be creative, to contribute, and actively construct a life that has meaning.

Miracle Worker

That’s why I’m so proud to introduce MIRACLE WORKER: a course on grit, nerve, courage, and what it takes to make a magical career.

It’s a collaborative effort with a fascinating woman called Ellen Fondiler. When we met, we quickly got stuck into one of our favourite mutual topics: how to help women find meaningful work.

Ellen and I hit it off instantly: she is a super-straight-talking New Yorker who is now based in California, and has lived 100 lives! She has worked as a death penalty attorney, started a non-profit (which raised $5 million), won awards for broadcast journalism, run a bakery, and turned a passion for gardening into an award-winning landscape design company. These days, she works as a crack-shot career strategist, helping twenty- and thirty-somethings around the globe figure out what to do next. Simply put, she’s whip-smart, she takes risks, and she knows from personal experience exactly what it takes to create a career you love.

Over the course of many phone-calls, visits back and forth, and late nights spent strategising, we are delighted to present Miracle Worker in all its glory!

Miracle Worker is an 8 week e-course designed to help you figure out what you really want to do… And then show you exactly how to get there. It’s a combination of seriously useful and groundbreaking workbooks, weekly action steps, and a series of super-inspiring audio interviews with some of our favourite entrepreneurs and mentors (people like Danielle LaPorte, James Altucher, Paul Jarvis and the Astrotwins).

There’s also a thriving (and secret) Facebook group, live Q&As with Ellen and I, mini mixtapes to keep you motivated, and plenty of bonus surprises to thrill you!

Class begins on May 4th, and we’re only running it once! Miracle Worker is open for enrollment now — and until April 13th, we have a special pre-sale price! Click through to learn more, and we’ll see you in our Facebook group!

Got questions? Hit me up on Twitter for a speedy response!

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