MNG By MANGO Mission: The Grand Finale!

MNG by MANGO Mission!

Our final MNG by MANGO Mission took place in none other than Barcelona. After four weeks of celebrating the styles of London, Paris & New York, the ten bloggers who had participated in the project boarded a flight bound for Spain!

Our final task? To visit MANGO headquarters & have a group photoshoot. As you can see from the picture above, we succeeded! We all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the photographer, stylist, make-up artists & hairdressers, because they did an absolutely incredible job. Doesn’t everyone look SO beautiful?! (You can see a slightly larger version here!)

I love the set & all those ladders; very Vanity Fair, n’est-ce pas?!

MNG by MANGO Mission!

We also did individual shoots. I think we were all pretty thrilled with how they came out, too! You can see the other girls’ individual pictures at their own blogs: Jess, Sydne, Lilliana, Jean, Carmen, Dianna & Vahni. Karen & Jess haven’t posted theirs yet! (Trust, they are GORGEOUS!)

My outfit was really simple: I belted an MNG for MANGO dress, then added black stockings & studded boots. At first I was wearing this puffer coat — which you can see in the video below, & which was soooo warm! — but it was hard to photograph, so I took it off & we just shot the dress!

Hey girl hey! If you haven’t had enough Spanish madness, here’s a video about our trip… ! Do you like our cheesy “Hola Barcelona” at the start?! Hahah! That was done under DURESS I tell you!

Thanks so so so much to jcpenney, MANGO & Yuli Ziv for making this magic happen! It was the experience of a lifetime!