My Honeymoon In Tulum

In Marrakech, on the last night of our retreat, we celebrated choosing ourselves with a moonlit wedding ceremony. Dressed in white, I walked to a mirror illuminated by tealight candles, stared into my eyes, and told myself the words I needed to hear. That evening changed me for good. In that moment, I finally recognised my power, my beauty, my capacity for adventure and change.

So it seemed only right that a month later, when I flew to Tulum by myself, it should be a honeymoon of sorts.

It’s funny the way that things work out. The purpose of my trip was to join the AstroTwins for their annual astrology retreat, but before it started, I wanted to check out Habitas Tulum, the hotel where my next radical self love retreat (in October) would be held! I invited four different people to join me, but the timing was off for all of them. ‘Oh well,’ I thought. ‘I’ll just go alone and write.’

It wasn’t until I was on the plane that I remembered standing on a cliffside in Santorini three years ago, telling my friends that one day, I wanted to go away somewhere and write. And now — amazingly — my wish was coming true.

Leopard print bikini madness. Stay tuned — I have a big outfit post coming soon!

Okay. We have to talk about Habitas. Here’s what you need to know: it is brand spanking new, with a divine swimming pool, a private beach, an unreal restaurant, and 32 rooms. I don’t even know how to describe the rooms: they are enormous canvas tents (the size of my living room and two bedrooms combined) with palapa roofs, 11 foot ceilings, air conditioning, and wifi. You shower outside, in the sunshine, surrounded by trees. I was obsessed with my room. The bed was so comfortable and the space was so airy that I really didn’t want to leave!

And it’s not just a hotel, it’s an experience. When you walk through the gates, they light a bowl of copal incense, tell you to set an intention, and waft the smoke over your head. There are rugs set out in the communal areas for yoga or a chilled out meditation session. Hammocks are slung between trees, woven lanterns sway in the breeze, and palm trees grow up and through the restaurant. It smells like sea air and coconut sunscreen.

I can’t wait to go back! Four months and counting!

The view from Habitas’ infinity pool couldn’t be more beautiful. I spent three luxurious days lounging beside it on a huge bed, enjoying the sun, laughing on the phone, and drinking incredible juice.

Here’s what a honeymoon with myself looks like. Every morning, I would wake up, stretch, and work out. I’d meditate, shower, and have breakfast. Then I’d walk along the sand to Raw Love, a treehouse cafe in the jungle with amazing drinks. I’m obsessed with their frappachino: organic coffee, coconut milk, cacao, cardamom, cinnamon and honey, blended with ice! (You cannot imagine how good it tastes.) There in the jungle, with my feet in the sand, I’d sit under an umbrella, swirl my drink while deep in thought, and work on my book. I wrote 14,000 words about love and relationships and how to bring our full selves to the romantic table. (There is more to go, of course. But I am so excited to share it with you!)

I didn’t wear shoes for a week. I’d swing in hammocks and stare at my hot pink toenails. I wore false eyelashes every day, and when I’d written all I could, I’d pack up my rose gold laptop and splash in the sea.

To summarise: it was perfect in every way.

After three days alone, I joined the AstroTwins and an incredible group of women down the beach at Shambala Petit. I l-o-v-e the AstroTwins and credit them with absolutely all of my astro-knowledge! They are the best teachers out there.

We celebrated the Scorpio Full Moon which was so bright it cast shadows on the beach, discovered how the stars influenced our lives every morning, and danced together every night. It was everything I’d ever needed and more. (The next one happens on April 28th 2018. I’ll be there, and you should be too!)

Caitlin (who also came to Marrakech with us!) and Kitty are MAYORS OF BABETOWN!

There were adventures aplenty. We visited a voodoo lounge where chandeliers hung above the cenote, walked to Casa Malca (which is built on land that used to belong to Pablo Escobar), and visited our favourite ice-cream stand in the jungle where the Leo scooping flavours will also offer you a puff of his joint. Some girls got tattoos, there was a lot of shopping, and there were many topless sunbathing sessions.

On my final afternoon there, I ate tacos, got a massage in a white tent on the sand, bought sparkly bracelets, and had a shamanic healing session with my friend Suzanne. Just living the dream, you know.

Tulum is full of rainbows. I always tell people not to pack black clothing! You’ll want to be as vibrant as everything else. I got dressed up every single day — that’s the next post! — and it felt so good to wear colour.

I mean… How can you not be happy, looking at this every day?

Love and stars,

P.S. You can read about my other AstroTwins retreat adventures here and here! Next year will be my fourth year in a row: it’s that good. Come with us!