Olsenboye: A Sneak Peek!

Olsenboye: A Sneak Peek!

Olsenboye: Behind The Scenes!
Gala, Arielle (Something Navy), Christina (Trop Rouge).

A couple of Fridays ago, I threw on a simple outfit (seen above), jumped into a cab & raced over to the Chelsea Piers. My destination? Sky Rink, an indoor, year-round ice-skating rink. Why? It was Olsenboye day, of course!

I arrived feeling a little nervous. After all, I had only been ice-skating once before in my entire life — & this time I was expected to look cute & graceful as well as stay vertical! The pressure!!!

Thankfully, all three of us managed to stay upright, & even better, wear rad outfits while we did so! No bruises for us! A triumph!

What else happened on Olsenboye day?

…We met (& were boggled by the skills of) Olympic ice-skater Sasha Cohen (she is pretty amazing!) Pretended that we lived in this insane penthouse on 36th Street which was immense & totally white Pretended to cook Lay around in bathtubs Pretended to play checkers Filmed a million things each on our Olsenboye Flip Cams Ate a lot of garlic pita chips Waited around a lot between takes! I always heard that making a film, commercial, television show, whatever, included a lot of waiting around. I always thought it was an exaggeration. It’s not! We didn’t wrap until midnight, by which time we were totally delirious & laughing about the most inane things!

Olsenboye: Behind The Scenes!
West 36th Street.

Olsenboye: Behind The Scenes!
After five hours at the ice-rink (!!!), we found ourselves uptown in the most beautiful apartment ever. Ever ever.

(Between takes) I was wearing…

Black knit hat from Urban Outfitters
Pink dress from Heritage 1981
Leopard-print cardigan from PINK by Victoria’s Secret
Black stockings
Frye motorcycle boots

Olsenboye: Behind The Scenes!
Our director. He was awesome. Check out the chaos behind him!

Olsenboye: Behind The Scenes!

Even though it was a long day, it was made utterly enjoyable because of the great company! Arielle & Christina are total sweethearts, the Olsenboye team are awesome & the production crew were hilarious & cool. Thanks so much to everyone who made it happen!

We had such a good time & I’m so excited to share more pictures & video with you soon!