Raw Coaching With Karen Knowler — Part Two

Karen Knowler coaches Gala Darling (MP3)

Last night was my second raw coaching call with Karen Knowler, & just like last time, it was spectacularly helpful & eye-opening.

Things had changed quite a bit since we last spoke. In our first phone call, I was in the so-called “raw honeymoon phase” — really excited about the changes that were happening in my body & mind, experiencing an elevated mood & loving the extra energy. But since then, I had been to New Zealand & fallen off the raw wagon in a big way, & was struggling to get back on.

Our call went for 45 minutes, & we covered a lot of ground, much of it centred around working out why my enthusiasm was low & how I could get it back on track. She gave me lots of “raw homework” to complete, which was all amazing.

If you’re going raw as part of the iTC, idly considering it, or are already mostly raw, I think you’ll gain huge benefits from listening to our call. It was really interesting to me to discuss all my feelings about going raw, & then after the call, sit & think about what we had discussed. Everything she said made perfect sense, & it gave me lots of perspective.

Karen is a raw Wonderwoman, with infinite tools at her disposal. She should have a cape, with a big cabbage sewn on the back of it! & a parade! I am truly indebted to her for making my raw transition so much easier, for giving me lots of things to think about, & for helping me see my change in diet in a more holistic way!