A Call To Arms For Small Business Owners…

Photo by Chellise Michael

The phone’s ringing… and this one’s for you. You heard right. This one’s for you if you’re nervously eyeing the collection of bills on your desk. This one’s for you if you love your business with all your heart, but don’t know where your customers are. This one’s for you if, no matter what happens, you just cannot seem to move enough product, get enough bookings, or gain enough traction.

This is your opportunity… Your opportunity to find the kind of kickass customers you’ve always dreamed about.

Christmas is coming, and my readers are searching for unique, interesting, and beautiful presents. They want to gift their BFF with a tarot card reading, or a beautiful blue velvet vintage dress. They’re looking for sassy art and handmade zines, illustrated greeting cards and statement accessories.

Yes, exactly. They’re looking for the stuff you sell!

This is no time to be shy!

So here’s the deal.

I have small business advertising spaces available in my sidebar, and they are designed exactly for people like you.

They cost $3 a day (yep, less than a soy latte), and you can advertise for as long (or as short) as you want. Longer is better, though. People will need to see your ad a few times before taking action.

The ads are served by Blogads, who are great: they have a fantastic system so you can easily track the efficacy of your campaign!

The spaces are a 125 pixel square. Like this:

Your Ad

Your ad will be in the right sidebar of the front page, and on individual article pages.

“Advertising on GalaDarling.com showed an immediate boost in site traffic, exposing my design consultancy and journal to new readers everyday…” (Steve G., RDQLUS Creative)

How to get the best results:

Make your ad as engaging, dynamic and eye-catching as possible! This means USE your space as best you can! Fill the space, use a bright colour and bold imagery.

Give people a reason to click! Officially, this is known as a “call to action”. Why should someone click on your ad? Offer them something, whether it’s a discount code, free shipping, a gift with purchase, or something even better!

If you’re not a designer, have someone else make it. This isn’t an option for everyone, but if you have a friend with a great eye, beg, plead and make cookies in exchange for a nicely-designed 125×125 ad. You will always get a better response from a graphic designed by someone who has an eye for it.

Be smart about it! Use fonts that are easy to read, and colours that don’t assault the eyeballs. Check your ad for spelling or grammatical mistakes. If all the other ads on my site are, say, pink, use a colour that stands out! Remember that advertising is a representation of your business, so make it as wonderful as you can!

“I’ve done several promotions on Gala Darling’s site, and the results have always blown me away. First off- there’s the sheer volume of hits she sends me- thousands and thousands of uniques a day. But, more than quantity, there’s quality. Gala’s fans are a sparkly, tight-knit community that love and believe in her. If you’re lucky enough to do a promotion on galadarling.com, you tap into that good will. Promotions on galadarling.com have netted me passionate fan letters, wildly creative responses, and new fans from all over the world…” (Molly Crabapple)

All you need to do is choose how many days you’d like your ad to run, upload your image, and submit your link. Then click Preview or Buy! It’s THAT simple!

Questions? Get in touch via email or Twitter!

Mega-lovin’, all day, every day!

Photo by Chellise Michael.