The Galaverse: Melbourne To New York

Since I used to live in Melbourne, sometimes sweet, well-intentioned people will ask me what they should do when they visit. But the truth? When I lived in Melbourne, I barely left my house. I had no income. A slice of pizza once a week was a treat. Instead, I stayed inside, obsessively blogging!

In the video below, I speak about what it was like when I lived in Melbourne… A decade ago! (Time flies, and all that!) Plus, I give you a peek at where I was staying (Notel, a collection of airstream trailers on a rooftop — definitely a unique experience), hang out in Yayoi Kusama’s latest exhibition, and I expand on why exactly I 💖 New York.

Hint: the answer involves raw chocolate. Although, normally when people ask me why I wanted to move to NYC, I tell them I watched Ghostbusters a lot as a kid. (It’s true!)



Plus, you’ll see some clips from our adventures as we walked around the NGV and where I used to live (just above the QV Centre, in case you’re local).

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