The Miracle Worker Podcast Is Here… And We Have A Labor Day Sale!


Our incredible careers course, Miracle Worker, kicks off next Monday, September 7th. It’s a jam-packed eight weeks, designed to get you taking action on living your dreams.

Our last intake was incredible: 300 women (and a few brave men!) who were willing to take the leap. They took risks, and of course, they were rewarded. They quit soul-sucking jobs, started new businesses, were invited to host radio shows, struck up conversations with their idols and went out there and asked for what they wanted! Their results were no joke. When we asked them if they’d recommend the course to a friend, 100% of them said yes. We’re super-proud of that fact.

I define meaningful work as going to sleep knowing that you did something that made someone else’s life a little bit better, and I believe that doing meaningful work is essential to our happiness. There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling stuck in a job that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and I want to help you see your situation differently.

You are never as stuck as you think.

You always have options, choices, multiple escape routes.

Helping women find meaningful work is so important to me that for this last week, Ellen and I are offering a special labor day sale. When you use the code laborday, you’ll save $150 off the course, bringing it down to $247!

This deal is live from now until Sunday 6th September at 9pm EST. Just be sure to enter the code at check-out! Click here to join us!


A couple of weeks ago, Ellen flew into NYC from the Bay Area, and we sat down in a recording studio to create our official Miracle Worker podcast! We had such a good time putting them together, and we think they will be really uplifting and inspiring for you to listen to.

The first one is embedded below… And the others will be coming to an iTunes near you soon! We hope you enjoy it. (If you’re reading this via email, click through to listen to the file.)

I’m so excited to start the course on Monday… And I’d love for you to join us!

Love always,

Photo by Made U Look Photography.