Things I Love Thursday: Hot Nights And Rose Amethysts


Tschüss from a very hot city! (Oh, don’t mind me: I’m practicing my very amateur Deutsch in preparation for our European adventure!) New York is doing its typical extreme-heat-mixed-with-thunderstorms summer thing, which is incredible, beautiful, and magical all at once. Last night, the sky glowed pink and purple, while huge forks of lightning cracked the heavens wide open.

So, WOW. The response to #radicalselflovejuly has been completely over-the-top. Midway through the first day, there were over 500 posts! It just keeps growing, and it’s a total delight. If you missed the start, never fear: it’s not too late to jump in and get cracking! It’s such a great way to meet like-minded babes, and keep yourself entertained at the same time.

I have to admit, I’m feeling a little distracted right now. We just got an iRobot Roomba vacuum — I have wanted one forever, and finally used Amazon points to pull the trigger — and it is doing its first run right now. It’s fascinating, and extremely thorough! I’ve never seen anything like it. We set it on a schedule to run every morning at 9.45am, which will hopefully help us to keep our dog hair situation under better control! All I can say is, hallelujah! Virgo heaven!


I’m beyond smitten with this enormous rose amethyst ring by GemSteady: I haven’t taken it off since it arrived on my doorstep! Swoon-o-rama. (The heart ring is by onegarnetgirl, and the MAGICAL BABE rings are my own design.)

Extra-glee this way! I can’t wait for Tiffany to arrive on Sunday morning. It is going to be a crazy week! This insane necklace which fulfills all my fortune-teller-from-the-future fantasies Meeting so many readers on the street every day: a divine pleasure My NZ BFF, Helen, is coming to spend Christmas with us in NYC! Holy shit, I want to explode with happiness! Walking around the city when the weather is completely glorious Stumbling upon random parks and streets I’ve never seen before Watching old episodes of the IT Crowd in bed with Mike Mercury retrograde is O-V-E-R. Phewwwww. Guayaki Yerba Mate, and they also do iced mint tea (called Enlighten Mint, ha!) in a can… Perfect on a sweltering hot day! Working in cafes and being hyper-focused Realising I just had my NYC anniversary — I’ve now lived here for over 7 years! How did that happen?! Inhaling immunity oil The perfect tank (I bought three: white, black, and striped) Laughing with my man, always

What are you thankful for, today? Your homework: come up with ten things that you’re glad to have in your life.

Big love,