Things I Love Thursday: Throwing Stars!

Aloha from beautiful New York City! The streets are hot and lively, lush greenery providing shade over the scorching asphalt, a never-ending parade of people exploring, talking, laughing, shouting. I’ve been out amongst them, adventuring, wandering around the Lower East Side, writing in cafes, spending the day in Brooklyn, walking until my feet feel bruised.

Earlier this week, I paid a visit to the brand new Makeshift Society in Williamsburg. It’s gorgeous, and I’m thrilled to announce that it is going to be the location for our New York Blogcademy class in late September! (We only have about five tickets left…) I had an immensely productive morning in their space, before having lunch with Rabbit, gazing lustily at beautiful objects in Catbird, and taking photos of colourful street art.

Summer has filled my heart with happiness. I am feeling super-positive, uplifted, and creative. I’ve been writing, thinking, lying in bed reading… It has been tremendous. I hope you’re feeling good, too. (If not, ask yourself what it would take to get you back to that place. You can do it!)

Seeing footage of New Zealand and feeling emotional Fake tan Orange Is The New Black marathons in bed with Mike  New jewels  Lana Del Rey’s new album  Late-night girl dates  Stacks of new books  The extreme enthusiasm for #radicalselflovejuly! I can’t wait to begin!  Acne Cypress boots (so damn good)  Peanut butter anything  Buying huge rose quartz wands  Praying and letting go of stress  Pride is this weekend!  Sunshine and big blue skies… 

Keeping this one short, so I can go out exploring…

With love,

Photo by Diane and Mike.