Have A Truly Happy Valentine’s Day With These Free Tapping Videos!

Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful! We’re only a few hours in, and if you’ve spent even a millisecond on social media, you already know that everyone’s telling you to have a happy Valentine’s Day. But how exactly do you do that if you’re in pain?

Today I have a special gift for you: I recorded three (free!) tapping routines to help you with three very specific scenarios you might be facing!


The first one is about embracing being single — about feeling good in yourself, about having adventures, and about filling this time with so many positive memories so that when you look back on it, you have no regrets!


The second one is for anybody who is dealing with heartache or rejection. If you are in love with someone who doesn’t return your feelings, this one is for you! It will help you calm down, it will help you realize that you are always being protected, and it will help you not take it personally. (You are amazing.)


The third tapping video is for my babes who are in relationships but feel like they are slowly losing themselves. In this routine, you will be reminded of who you truly are, and reassured that it is safe to continue pursuing the things you love. In fact, it will make your relationship much stronger!

Let me know how you like these, and please feel free to share them with any of your friends who could use them!

Love always,