Want Your Chance To Be On An Enormous Billboard?

The Badoo Project!

Have you ever wanted your picture taken by a famous photographer? Well baby, it’s your lucky day!

I’m so excited to tell you about The Badoo Project. Four of America’s hottest photographers — Danielle Levitt, Kenneth Cappello, Dan Martensen & Brooke Nipar — are going to photograph 1,000 New Yorkers (!!!) over the course of 3 days. The goal? To give you the ultimate online profile picture!

Out of those 1,000 portraits, they’ll shortlist 24 pictures which show the best energy, sassy attitudes & wicked individuality! Those finalists will be given the chance to introduce themselves to NYC by appearing on huge billboards, painted buildings, & a bunch of other amazing locations around the city!

Here are five reasons to DO IT!(As if you needed any more motivation… !)

1. You’ll get your hair & make-up done for FREE… & then you can go out & prance around & be extra beautiful! Take yourself out on a date!
2. It’s an excellent opportunity to practice your SMIZE~!
3. You’ll get to meet a whole lot of really fun people at the event… & you could end up on the side of a building!
4. Who doesn’t want to have their photo taken by a pro?! It really does make all the difference…
5. It definitely beats that profile picture you took with your arm extended! ;D

March 22nd through March 24th (Thursday to Saturday), 11am to 9pm

74 Mercer Street, New York NY 10012

Want to be involved? Just click here & put your name down! Tell your friends & bring them along in a big gaggle! It’ll be hilarious! Oh… & I’ll be there too, getting my make-up done & pouting it up for the cameras, so I’d love to see you!

Let’s go get our glamour on!

Kiss kiss, click click!

P.S. This post was generously sponsored by the good people at Badoo!