Welcome To The New Galadarling.com!

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Oh, the excitement! Spring has sprung, and so has the newest incarnation of the site! I am beyond thrilled to present you with the brand-spanking-new galadarling.com. Isn’t she a beauty?!

Nothing feels better than a comprehensive rebranding effort, and that’s exactly what has been going on behind the scenes. I worked with Shauna from We Are Branch to update the look and feel of galadarling.com: it’s now feeling a lot more fresh and looking much more sophisticated, while retaining the quirkiness (and bright pink vibes!) that are a hallmark of what I do.


You can click through to the We Are Branch blog to get all the juicy details on exactly how we brought the new vision to life! (Well, by “we”, I actually mean “Shauna and Mike”. I just sat around twiddling my thumbs, asking, “Is it done yet?!”)


Sure, there are new business cards, fun icons and stickers itching to be used, but of course, the most important thing is the blog. The site looks about a trillion times better, and I am so excited to share it with you…

 My New Reader page gives you a guided tour of the site, featuring some of my favourite articles, and a history of the blog.

 The introduction to radical self love is now much more comprehensive. It’s a great place to start on your journey (or to share with a friend who might need it)!

Want to navigate around based on a subject? There are tags under each post, and in the sidebar, there’s a grid of some of the most popular tags.

The most popular articles are at the very bottom of the site in the footer. Go have a look!

There is much easier sharing underneath each post: click the bird to tweet it, the F to share on Facebook, or the envelope to email it to your best babe.

All my courses are in one place in the Shop, and I also have something brand new for you: Pep Talks! Pep Talks are MP3s which you can listen to on the go to make you feel good! There are two so far, one on Dealing With Dark Days and another on Competition, Comparison and Jealousy. I’d love to hear what other subjects you’d like me to tackle!

Have a look at the Events page, and then come out and meet me out on the road!

Astute long-term readers will notice the reappearance of the ‘Random’ button. It’s that pink thing in the sidebar! When you click on it, you’ll be taken to a completely random post. YAY! Now you can browse around forever!

The site should now look awesome on your iPad, iPhone, iWhatevs, and all your other devices!


In addition, the site has a brand new slogan: adorn yourself, adore your life. I feel like this perfectly summarises the intent and purpose of what we do here, don’t you?

Of course, a babe cannot blog alone. Big ups to We Are Branch for the beautiful design (and for tolerating — even encouraging! — my five trillion late-night image requests). Shauna is a saint in black skinny jeans, truly!

THANK YOU to Si for impeccable geekery (and hours of tedium). Dude, we simply could not have done this without you.

And finally, Mike. My husband the genius. He seriously deserves a medal, and quite possibly a parade, marching band and all, for migrating seven years of old content, coding the site up so flawlessly, project managing, and being the real brains behind the operation.


We all hope you love the new design, and that it makes you grin. I’m head-over-heels for it, and I’m beyond excited to start using it! Ooh la la!

Please excuse me; I have to go dote on my husband now!

Love forever,