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My name is Gala Darling, and I’m a Kiwi girl living in New York City. (You can learn more about me here.) I started this blog in 2006, after despairing at the snarky and celebrity-driven style blogs that dominated the internet. My focus was on fashion, and more specifically, encouraging women to experiment with their personal style.

After a slew of emails from my readers which were more to do with how they felt than how they looked, I realised there was a need for content which was uplifting and positive. More to the point, there was a huge disconnect between how women saw themselves and how they wanted to see themselves. I had recently gone through a massive personal transformation, and was excited to share what I knew. I called it radical self love, and the rest is history!

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Here are some of my regular topics. Click the links to browse!

BLOG ON BABE is where I compile my tips for running your own blog!
CAROUSEL features the very best of the internet. I compile these on the last Friday of every month.
HELLO DOLLFACE is stocked to the brim with my very best beauty secrets.
INTERNATIONAL PLAYGIRL is travel porn at its best. Hotels, dream locations and travel secrets abound!
MAGICAL THINKING documents my exploration of all things esoteric and spiritual.
MIXTAPE is self-explanatory. In my mind, I’m a superstar DJ. This is my way of indulging that fantasy!
NEW YORK DOLL contains my top tips for anyone visiting (or living in) my favourite place on earth, New York City.
RADICAL SELF LOVE is the whole point of this blog: encouraging women to fall in love with themselves more and more every day.
THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY is my longest-running column for a good reason: it’s a combination gratitude list and personal diary. Yay!

If you want to connect with other radical self lovers, we have a very active community over on Facebook, and you can always follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Be sure to add me on Bloglovin, too, so you don’t miss my updates!

I’m so glad we found each other. I can’t wait to get to know you better!

Much love,

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