Wonderland Session #12: Boredom, Anger & Anxiety Q&A

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday’s Wonderland Session was a Q&A based on the questions that were submitted through Instagram. There was a great mix of questions and I think they’ll be helpful for you!

The first question was what’s the difference between being bored and content? And if you find yourself slung between those two feelings, what should you do next?

Question two was around anger: is it okay to express it, even if you feel like it takes you out of the vortex?

And question three was about social anxiety: how can we handle it when it comes up? And how do we move away from that being a part of our life at all?

Afterwards, my friend texted me and said, “Dude, best Wonderland Session. That social anxiety one was life-changing, I was writing that all down like crazy. THANK YOU!”


I hope you enjoy my answers to these questions! As always, I’d love your comments over on YouTube so I know I’m helping you!

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Photo by Tuesday Photography based in Brisbane.